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President Buhari meets Igbo Senators over IPOB



President Buhari meets Igbo Senators over IPOB - BellaNaija

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has met with Igbo senators in an effort to solve the issue with the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

According to Daily Post, the senators, led by the deputy senate president, Ike Ekweremadu, said the South East region has been shortchanged by the Federal Government.

The Chairman of the South East Senate Caucus, Eyinnaya Abaribe, speaking to the press after the meeting in the Presidential Villa in the State house said:

This is the southeast caucus in the Senate and we came to see the president because of the issues we have in the southeast.

We had a fruitful discussion with the President. He has promised us that he is going to look into the problems of southeast.

We know that there are problems everywhere but we also believe that the South East is the zone that is far much shortchanged at this time than other zones.

We also talked about the issue of appointments from the South East, especially with respect to the National Security Council. The President also told us that governors of the South East have also engaged him in the same problems we engaged him in.

We are reassured with the response we got from the President and we look forward to further interaction with him in this manner.

Ekweremadu, who also spoke to the press, said issues on infrastructure in the South-East, including roads, railway and airports were discussed.

He added that security and IPOB were also discussed, and the President promised to look into the matter. He said:

For us from the South East, we believe that dialogue is better than any other form of engagement.

So, we decided to visit the President and present to him some of the concerns of the South East including the issues of roads, general infrastructure; the rail, airports and others.

We also discussed the issue of security with him and of course the issue of IPOB. We had a good conversation and he promised to look into the issues.


  1. Wale Vintage

    September 27, 2017 at 5:21 pm

    On my mind this morning.
    Okay, it is time…it is time to fire this clueless man called Buhari. I hate to say this since I have been his supporter since the last elections, and NO I certainly DO NOT want PDP back either, they are just a bunch of hardcore SELF-FISH crooks.
    Which way forward? – I am thinking of a sort of hybrid party, since we all know no new political party will survive without money ( unless of course we have a massive movement by the people which would invoke a revolutionary “new beginning” -Note, I did not say “change” ). Are there any forward thinking, progressive minded, YOUNG(very key=energy) and well established party out there? I am studying the KOWA party manifest, seems Fola Adeola is involved in it somehow, sounds promising, he is open-eyed and aware.
    If Atiku, whom I have been studying ( yes, he comes from the “not clean” era, but who is squeaky clean in Nigeria these days ), so yes, If Atiku can start a fresh party and collaborate with KOWA and another party with young vibrant energy, then we may have a shot.
    Atiku has the funds, Adeola(or his likes) has the drive, he is modern and has a young following. Atiku is directly connected to the youths via SM at least he makes efforts to hear us and responds and feels our pain, Atiku has contributed back to the nation, by establishing a world class university, has many home grown businesses that has created jobs locally and I can think of many more reason. Fine, we know he got the money from Nigeria, but he reinvested back here for the good of the people. Not like the Sarakis of the world that steal, kill and maim only to store the money in Panama and who knows how many more overseas accounts.
    I am emphasizing the young – 50 years and under because they own the country and the current drivers of the country and its economy at the moment.

    So lets say we have an ideal team of Atiku with Adeola, Obaseki ( edo gov) or Duke as his running mate. And he makes Fashola what he should have rightfully have been, his chief of staff. Falana(or someone like him that is fearless) as AG and then he plucks his cabinet from a mix of under 50 technocrat talents from home and diaspora; Atiku and his team can slowly, build a brand new civil service system that is modern and staffed by fresh graduates that have been re-trained solely for the purpose of public service. Renovates and modernize all public service facilities and make decision making more nimble by staff.
    Same goes for our police and law enforcement structures and systems. The old clueless folks can all be retired with full pensions and trained in how to start their own business. It is not as if 95% of their time is not spent doing side hustle.

    The judiciary, they should all be fired top to bottom. They are all FUCKING CORRUPT- this is supposed to be our last recourse and they are all a bunch of thieves. Infact, they should all be…

    Same as above, find fresh and able, well vetted people to repopulate the judiciary. Modernise the systems they use to make it more efficient. Once we get this one right, half of our problem is solved.
    Move the people(Nigerians) to demand the abolishment of the Senate, other countries have done it successfully. The Senate is simply waste of our hard earned money on evil,self-fish corrupt bastards.

    Then by the fourth year we should begin to look at restructuring the country with regions having more power to govern themselves, generate their own revenues, enforce their own laws with their own police force and look up to the central government only for security, and central banking functions etc.

    I think with the civil service, law enforcement and Judiciary reorganized coupled with a forward thinking, detribalized leadership we have a chance. I beg, enough of the anti-corruption campaign. We should focus on recovery from all these people that stole money via negotiation, especially dezeni( she has to return at least $80B of the $100B she stole, shake down the others, collect the money, account for it and publish who gave what and tell us what “real” infrastructure you plan to build with it. Then move on. Enough already!

    Doing all these items above PLUS governmentand private sectors investment in social/welfare services would create jobs, directly or indirectly. I really like Osibajo…it is unfortunate he was paired with Buhari. But the man is not a politician, I admire his energy, he is competent and very able and he has the drive which he has used to help us against all odds.

    I have had enough of Buhari, he has been a MAJOR disappointment. He is fossil as far as I am concerned- we need fresh minds with energy. We need someone that would pull the country together, not someone that only goes to northern states to launch things and refuses to mix with the rest of the nation he has sworn to protect. We want someone that is fair and would condemn it if one Nigerian soul is lost or killed by a members of his cattle rearing assoc.

    For the sake of our dear country BUHARI SHOULD NOT run again, enough already. He should please pack his people, Daura, Garba, adeshina, kyari, buratai, lai mohammed and most especially the MOST IMCOMPETENT AG IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND Malami and his mostly incompetent cabinet and move on PLEASE! I don tire.

    I woke up thinking about this sad situation we got ourselves into. And I don’t even live in Nigeria but carry the suffering of Nigerians with me daily. We are better than this mess. If the right party is established with the right mix of people, I will come back to help. We need every help we can afford. We have the potential to be the Greatest Country on the Planet!

    And no, this was not sponsored buy anyone…all those that have read my comments know I have burning passion for my home country. I don’t know any of these people, these are simply thoughts that I am sure is shared by many especially those of us in diaspora.

  2. Adaigbo

    September 27, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    Did you also discuss about how your group of senators and Reps have been underdeveloping the Igboland?

  3. sharon

    September 28, 2017 at 11:41 pm

    Solution? Restructuring…PERIOD

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