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Sam Smith gets emotional in Music Video for “Too Good at Goodbyes” | WATCH



If listening to Sam Smith‘s comeback single “Too Good at Goodbyes” gave you all the feels, wait until you watch the official video.

The emotional clip directed by Luke Monaghan, opens with a close-up of a forlorn-looking Smith staring at the ground as he sings a wordless melody in what looks like a recording studio.

As the full track kicks in Smith looks up into the lens and sings the first lines standing in an alley with a grand piano player backing him up. Cut to a series of couples staring into each other’s eyes and Sam slow dancing with an unseen lover, gripping his back in an embrace that hints at melancholy. The rest of the clip cuts between scenes of Smith singing in the studio and glimpses of the couples slow dancing, kissing, crying and turning away from each other in what look like scenes of relationships breaking down.

Watch the video below:

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