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Dolapo Sijuwade shares Motherhood Experiences on New “My Baby Dairies” Vlog Series | Watch on BN TV



We all followed and loved Dolapo Sijuwade‘s Pregnancy Dairies and now that the beautiful actress has given birth she started a new vlog series called My Baby Dairies.

With two episodes out, Dolapo has shared her C-Section recovery experience, breastfeeding, and more.

Watch episode 1

Watch episode 2


  1. Funmi

    October 13, 2017 at 9:26 am

    Well done, Olorun a wo fun wa.

  2. Engoz

    October 13, 2017 at 11:51 am

    Lol, I consider my C section and the recovery a walk in the park because when I compare to the state of pregnancy, jeez that is the worst, most terrible feeling ever. It wasn’t as if my belly wasn’t sore or I did not have swollen feet because of IV fluids build up after the operation, I had all the nasty stuff you talked about, but in comparison to pregnancy, these issues were minute to how I felt during pregnancy. I really dunno why they call it morning sickness. I vomited like I wanted to win an award every damn minute. Couldn’t eat jollof rice without throwing up. Ended up suffering from dehydration, lost weight, my partner and especially my mom went full blown militant on my food intake, lol. Went for routine check up, they said I was critically dehydrated. The nurses stabbed me with needles about 5 times and still they could not find a vein to give iv fluids. Had to drive myself to the emergency room. The so-called ‘emergency’, I spent almost 4 hours in the reception area before I was called in. Also had terrible dizzy spells every time I ate and sometimes when I did not eat. My belly would be so tight after every meal, that I would need to lay down for an hour or two because I couldn’t breathe. Ended up causing a fainting scene at Walmart. I don’t think I took my prenatal vitamins, iron supplements or folic acid more that twice throughout the pregnancy. I’m sure I vomited it those 2 times i took them. There are a host of other nonsense pregnancy brings. So C-Section and recovery were beans for me ??. I could finally eat and savor Jollof rice!!!!!

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