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Learn something new on Episode 1 of Accelerate TV’s “We’re Never Gonna Make It” | WATCH



A few days ago we brought you the scoop that Accelerate TV had a new show titled We’re Never Gonna Make It and now, we bring you episode 1.

We’re Never Gonna Make It is a short educational series that features two young housemates and their daily lives, which reveals some of the most random fun facts about Lagos’ history.

While J.T is the outgoing guy who has one engagement or the other, his nerdy housemate A.J has her face always buried in a book or on her phone discovering fun facts (in her opinion) and forcing them on J.T, who never asks for these lessons.

As A.J keeps throwing random info at J.T, they eventually end up never going anywhere they intended to. That’s what happens when your housemate is a by-force lecturer.


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  1. Naj

    October 12, 2017 at 9:41 am

    Omg…. loves it! So short and sweet. Hope it gets more punchy but I like the educational hints everywhere. I sha hope they make it… lol

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