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Yetunde Olasiyan: It Will Get Better



Your ex who promised heaven and earth to always be there for you finally left after a long period of silence. So you think that your happily- ever- after has been thrown away. No it hasn’t.

Your spouse of many years walked out on your marriage, citing irreconcilable differences, denying the kids you both had, just so he could be with another woman/man. It happened just before the year ended. So you are shattered. You are lost. You don’t know how to start again. Its not over yet.

You haven’t gotten your dream job yet. You can’t go on Instagram and Facebook again without feeling sorry for yourself when you see the almost ‘perfect’ life of your mates. You have lost hope. You don’t even want to send more applications because it seems like all you do.

You have been married for years without a child. The end of each year brings sorrow, disillusionment, unending tears. You dread entering another year. Everything seems fruitless. The search seems endless. You think you are so unlucky. You have shed many tears.

You have always been morally upright. You have tried to live right but you made a mistake last year. You gave yourself to a man you thought you loved. Now you are a baby mama. He has denied the child, who is his carbon copy. He has denied you as well. The denial isn’t even the big deal but the shame and disgrace, the stigma that’s associated with bringing up a child alone. Through the hospital appointments, you have wept, you have drained yourself of all happiness. You have hated yourself so much. You have continued to carry the guilt of bringing up a child without a father.

You have lost your loved ones to death. You have lost parents and siblings. It seems like you are the only one going through so much in the whole wide world. Everyone else seems to be happy, they seem to have their life put together, except you. You don’t even have true friends. It looks like you lost all you held dear in the past year.

You have been sick. It has been a serious ailment. It has ravaged your body. You see the world only through your soul. Your body is very weak.

It’s 2018 and you all don’t know how to find yourself. You don’t know how to start again without nobody. It seems like you have lost all. You are indifferent about the new year. You don’t care what happens next. Life is meaningless. Inside you, there’s a place of fear. Fear that it might get worse, fear that you might never have money, a job, kids, a happily ever after.

What if those fears are false?
What if you are going to have your kids in 2018? What if you find love?

What if you get a very rewarding job, whether it’s your dream job or not? What if you get a better medical solution to your sickness? What if you find out that staying alone could be rewarding? What if you make it better than when your ex was present? What if you get a solution to all you’ve been seeking? What if the universe chooses 2018 to reward all the struggle of previous years?

Yes, it is going to get better. You would find yourself in the midst of those chaos you’ve been through. It won’t always be bliss in 2018 but you would have grown a thick skin to troubles such that nothing can shake you again. You will be patient while that time passes because you have grown stronger. Because you know that there’s a time for everything under the sun. Because you know there’s a law of seed time and harvest since the history of the world and nothing can change the season of your harvest.

Just maybe, 2018 is the year when all your hopes and dreams come through. When the universe finally repay you for being patient in tribulation.

You will find yourself again. You will be very happy in the end. You will count your gain. You won’t cry forever.

Life sometimes teaches us or forces certain things or people to depart from our life so that the next beautiful stage of our existence can be unveiled. Life forces us to accept trash for a while so that we can grow to a point where we would never ever take less than we truly deserve.

Life sometimes makes us to stay alone, make the people we depend so much upon to desert us so that the beauty within us, the core essence of our existence, our goals and breakthrough can spring forth.

Yes, again, it won’t always be bliss. It won’t always be rosy. But you will find all the strength that you need to scale through. And when the bad times are over, only good things will come through.

And when it finally come through, remember these words of mine. Remember that I reminded you. Remember that I told you so. Welcome to a year of pleasant surprises, of happiness unforetold, of joy unimaginable, of increased wealth.

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