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Nigerians share their Most Interesting Bus Stories & We weren’t Ready ?

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Whether from Lagos oo, or Kano, Ibadan, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Jos or even Kogi, every Nigerian has a tale to tell about their experience with public buses.

Those things have been described over and over in different ways in Nigerian literature. One thing however is consistent: they are rickety deadly things.

And then there are the people who drive them. And the conductors! Oh God!

Anyway, @duchesskk on her Twitter asked that people share stories about their most interesting experiences with public buses.

The bottomline is ehn, that Nigerian conductors and drivers and even the passengers themselves are not very well.

See what experiences people have had with Nigerian buses below, and you can even share yours.

CAUTION!! DO NOT read this in a public place or if you have people around, unless you’re reading it together, otherwise you may find yourself in the left side of Yaba, Lagos.

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