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#BBNaija – Day 75: While You Were Away, Paying Tributes & More Highlights



#BBNaija - Day 75: While You Were Away, Paying Tributes & More Highlights

Did you watch day 75 of the Big Brother Naija 3 reality show?

If you missed it, we’ve got the highlights for you!


While You Were Away

The Rico Aftermath

All Housemates except Cee-C admitted to missing Rico Swavey. Anto had noticed that his departure had affected some more than others, and wished him well. For Tobi, Rico had played safe and thought highly of Rico. Tobi was the first to admit he missed him the most in the kitchen. Khloe had the hardest time since she missed having someone to talk to at nights, and had nobody to fight with when she was tipsy. In Miracle’s view, Rico’s humour was sorely missed but again he felt lucky to have learned a few dishes from him. For Alex, though Rico’s goofiness was missed, there hadn’t been any food fights since he left. The biggest blow came from Cee-C, according to whom, people didn’t talk about Rico at all. Worse, despite everybody acknowledging Tobi and Miracle for stepping into Rico’s chef shoes, in Cee-C’s eyes, nobody had gone into the kitchen to cook for all. Nobody except Anto whom she praised for making burgers.  Perhaps Lolu’s analysis that many saw in Rico a big threat was proven right?

By Cupid’s Decree

Like she had done for Miracle and Nina, in her capacity as Head of House, Alex found it her responsibility to bring about a ceasefire between Cee-C and Tobi.

Ceebi Come Clean

Last night while lying in bed with her buddy Tobi, Alex encouraged him to go talk to Cee-C to put their differences aside. Earlier Lolu had found it saddening that these two who had started the whole romantic game in the House, had so dramatically fallen apart. It was painful for all to see how Tobi and Cee-C, once a power couple in the House, had come to give each other the silent treatment, or as Alex put it across indirectly slur each other when they were not talking over each other. Yet no Housemate had failed to notice that Cee-C couldn’t help from glancing at Tobi, when she thought no one was watching.

By Alex’ Decree

Since Tobi hold Alex’s friendship in high esteem, it was a no brainer for him to follow up on her advice and go find Cee-C. For over three hours and until the wee hours of the morning, the two went over their respective arguments, alternatively blaming and taking responsibility for their past misdeeds and miscommunications. Cee-C said it would take to watch the entire BBNaija show again to identify their shortcomings. While Tobi said he felt like he wasn’t himself when they were together. Their long overdue talk ended up on a good note, even though they both seem to agree that a friendship outside the House was impossible.

Tobi and Cee-C

As fate had it, Lolu the wiseman peeked though the bathroom where they were holding their chat to encourage them to admit their respective wrongs as a way to move forward. Tobi seem to be the one to have most benefited from the open-heart conversation, for he had thanked Alex for her initiative and said he was feeling relieved. Cee-C for her part didn’t say much, perhaps holding onto her glimpse of newfound happiness and just choosing not to show her emotions. Clearly, with just one Saturday left before the last, it looks like Tobi and Cee-C have no possibility nor desire to recover the time they have lost.

The Lolu Plateau

As relatively straightforward as Miracle and Nina’s reconciliation was given how deep these two are into each other, and Tobi and Cee-C’s reunion was more of a touch-and-go one, both are to Alex’ credit. Notwithstanding her goodwill, Alex has not yet dabbled into Anto and Lolu’s territory.

Back in Loto’s Days

At the start of the season, Anto and Lolu were paired up under the monicker ‘Loto’ in what was soon enough perceived as a super-power couple. These two shared an indescribable chemistry made of brains and cheek. Though at that time, nothing had transpired about any romantic attachment, Lolu was clearly smitten in every possible way by Anto’s feminine mystique. Anto on her side seemed to relish in all the courting and attention she had become the recipient of, yet never gave suit to his advances. When Anto was Evicted, Lolu looked like he had been hit by a bus as he struggled to cope with her sudden disappearance from the House.

Blowing Hot and Cold

With Anto’s return, and her first very real meltdown about her broken heart, things have just not been as rosy as Lolu had anticipated. Despite all his efforts and consistency, he and Anto are still at odds when it comes to their relationship, which didn’t go unnoticed by their peers. Yet no one has dared sitting Lolu and Anto together to help reconcile their differences, and who would even try? Unlike the others, these two have kept their dirty laundry to themselves. They have kept everyone at bay from their couple, and everyone has respected the distance not the least because Anto and Lolu are seen as more mature and experienced than their peers. Still earlier this week, at the depths of despair following another acidic exchange, for the first time in eleven weeks, Lolu had opened up to Tobi who made the rather clumsy and naive mistake of comparing his experience with Cee-C to that of Lolu with Anto.

Happy End in Sight

Yet with all this, it would come as no surprise to learn that Anto and Lolu’s relationship has blossomed outside the House. Clearly it does take an immense amount of self-restraint, in the Big Brother’s House, to keep some discretion, which is an element most needed for any relationship to grow.

The Best Ex-Friends

With at least one Eviction pending, and just days from the Finale, most Housemates have resolved their differences and bonded even more. Somehow Cee-C and Khloe don’t seem to have received the memo as evidenced by the icy silence that has grown between them since their sudden girlmance.

The Girlmance

Just a few days ago, Khloe and Cee-C were all over each other, chatting for hours like teenagers about anything. What may have appeared like a genuine warm-up didn’t manage to make up for the fact that both had a long record of acrimonious fights in the House.  Yet and perhaps under Khloe’s strategic skills, they gave us some pretty good entertainment, for at long last, Cee-C seem to had found a ‘friend’, whom she seemed to actually like. It also helped that they were the two least open to Lawrence‘s gruelling morning workouts.

A U-Turn

Yet her joy didn’t last long. It is hard to explain how sudden Khloe and Cee-C have turned their back on each other. Surely when Rico was still in the House, he may have been the glue that brought them together for his soothing presence had always helped pacify even the hardest hearts.  Khloe made no secret of her grieving his departure, which may explain why she had suddenly withdrawn from her budding girlmance with Cee-C. Or it might well be that with so much at stake and being so close from the Prize, both hot-headed Housemates may have decided to bottle up for the sake of making it until the end.

Rocking with the DJs

Pepsi ambassadors, DJ Spinall and DJ Obi visited the Big Brother House and the Housemates got into the groove when they started showing them how the decks work.

With all the excitement flying around with having visitors, the Housemates didn’t hesitate asking the DJ’s about their line of work.

Let Me DJ

Part of the visit included showing the Housemates how their decks worked and gave them a chance to be the ones connecting the equipment with came with a few little sound bangs that startled them a bit, but they handle everything like pros.

As we’ve seen before, the Housemates aren’t shy when it comes to rocking the dance floor, and this time they didn’t disappoint.

Mood Up

Thanks to the duo’s visit the mood in the House lighted up as they had spent most of their day sleeping and trying to find missing pieces to a puzzle.

Dressed in their Pepsi branded regalia, the DJ’s entrance was also highlighted with the fact that the came bearing gifts for Housemate. Each Housemate got a Pepsi backpack with their face on and hoodies with their names written on the backs.

In between their moments on the dance floor, the Housemates were also in mixing tutorials. DJ Obi and DJ Spinall took time to explain the dynamics involved in making sure everyone in the crowd being entertained is catered for.

There was also a window open for one of the Housemates to try spinning the decks which Anto took and for a brief moment others were watching her spin.

Good News

Miracle won the Refresh the Mix task and as a reward, he received One Million Naira and he’ll be travelling with the Pepsi ambassadors to the One Africa Music Festival. On top of all the travelling in around the continent and getting all excess VIP treatments, he’ll also get a year’s supply of Pepsi.

The rest of the Housemates weren’t left behind, they also got invited to the Pepsi’s Lituation Party.

Miracle’s Whitewash

It’s been good news all day for Miracle as he was crowned the winner for both Pepsi’s Refresh the Mix task and the Arena games.

Unlike the previous games, today Biggie chose to take the Housemates to a carnival and the challenges only required nothing but concentration which meant that there was no need for protective gear.

After going through the challenges with the Housemates, the buzzer went off for Khloe to open the game and she couldn’t get past the last stage of the challenge until her allocated ten minutes was up. Tobi went next and it was a walk in the park for him. He managed to finish the challenge in less than six minutes.

Anto, Lolu and Alex followed in Khloe’s footstep and the challenged proved a bit difficult for them. Cee-C managed to finish hers in just over seven minutes while Nina was just six seconds from reaching her allocated ten mins.

However, the biggest winner of the day was Miracle who snatched the glory from Tobi a little above three minutes, making it his third consecutive win of the Arena games.

Patience Is Virtue

The Housemates all started on a good note and for a while it looked like they would all finish in time, but that was not the case for most of them.

The five-part challenge consisted of navigating the maze, feeding Harry which required them to throw three balls into the mouth, tossing the ring, fishing and stick and pole which required the Housemates to poke a ball off its stand by passing a stick through three electrical rings.

Because they were racing against time, they didn’t realize that all the game wanted was patience and steadiness. Miracle, Tobi and Cee-C all got it right but the realization is in the finish time.

Paying Tributes

The Housemates finished off their Airtel challenge off when Biggie asked them to read the remaining art work they’ve done.

In beautiful words, the painted the evicted Housemates in words that described their stay in the House and what they’ll always remember about them.

Touching Words

The poetry session was led by the Head of House, Alex other Housemates took time reading out what was written.

Cee-C moved the House with a poem to Teddy A saying that the only word that can describe him is ‘Man’ and that is because of his ability to carry everyone in the House despite their faults.

She added that they wish to have experienced him but Bambam beat them to it and they understand why and he will always remain their Big Brother.

Nina’s to BamBam was straight forward. She called her a banging figure and a woman who’s ready to take over the world. “You love love, and you are loved” Nina continued.

On remembering Rico Swavey, Tobi described him as he was in the House. ‘You were real to all and free to all. Talented than us but never flossed on us, Tobi read.

He mentioned his ability to switch in an out of characters but he said he never derailed from who he was. He then concluded that the girls miss his goofiness but the guys miss his presence.


Have you been watching? What did you think of the Day 75 activities?

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