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Together, We Can Create a Safe Space for Mental Illness Victims! Make a Contribution Today



Emotional & Mental Health Walk-in CentreWhere do you go when you urgently need to be vulnerable? Where do you go if this happens to you?

Yes, nowhere.

So, Joy Inc. founded by Chude Jideonwo wants to raise that money from you and other people like you who read this.

Let us prove to ourselves that our humanity matters, that our emotions are important, that our society can heal itself, even if it takes a while. The process of the public doing this together is part of the idea. To be together for us, human.

We are helping Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative and She Writes Woman set up an Emotional & Mental Health Walk-in Centre where they can help young people access the help that they need.

We need your help to raise N10 million ($28,000) required to make this centre a reality.

To donate, please go to or pay Joy Incredible, 0053065417 EcoBank and do so. Please be informed that the donation is for The Joy Hub.

Let’s be human, together.

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