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WATCH: This is all the Fitness Inspiration/Envy ? You Need



You’ve probably seen badass fitness videos on the internet but this one is quite different.

This fitness expert @queenfitnass posted a video on her Instagram skipping while Ciara’s hit song Level Up, which started the #LevelUpChallenge played.

She did different exercise regimens/dance moves and we think we saw the Shaku Shaku step at some point.

Watching it alone is intense, one Instagram user even said: “I just lost 5 pounds watching this”. LOL.

Watch below:


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  1. Emem

    August 16, 2018 at 12:30 pm

    BellaNaija, can I ask y’all a question?

    With all the money you make, why does it take ages for your blog to upload? This has been the trend now in the last 4 plus months.

    Then another is the surprising fact that you no longer have content that half the things you post on your blog, I normally get them on my IG feeds thus, you are just repeating and reposting what most people have already seen on other social media platforms? Just as the case of this fitness video

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