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Marc Jacobs clears the air on Rumours about Starting #NYFW Show Late to “Spite” Rihanna



Rihana's Fans Are Having A Twitter War As To Why Marc Jacob Started His Show Late

Marc Jacobs took to his Instagram page to clear the air as regards an ongoing controversy on Twitter. The final day of NYFW was supposed to end with both Marc Jacobs and Rihanna showcasing. While Marc’s show was slated for 6 pm, Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty‘s was scheduled for 7:30 pm, making her the closing designer for NYFW 2018.

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I sincerely apologize to anyone and everyone who was inconvenienced by my lateness at our Spring/Summer 2019 fashion show. For anyone interested, below is not a list of excuses but rather a list of facts. I fully understand people have plans, lives, commitments, flights, families to return to, etc and that I fully RESPECT. I’ve heard, read and reflected on your frustration, anger and outrage. If you choose to read the below, I hope that you can find your own place of understanding. 1. The night before the show at midnight, I believed that we would absolutely be starting at 6pm, as planned and it was my intention to do so. 2. At 3:30pm on the day of the show, I became aware that we would most likely be an hour late. In good faith and hope it was communicated that the show would start at 630pm and that was a mistake. 3. After years of being beyond punctual and once again, with every intention of remaining so, the fact is, more is always expected from us with fewer and fewer resources. That is not unique to me personally or us as a company. I have learned that I need to adjust to our realities. 4. It was my wishful thinking that we could accomplish all that needed to be done for this show with the circumstances we faced. I was wrong. Not because everyone didn’t make every effort or give it their all and more, life is just that way sometimes. I’ve always been told that, “if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” With our shows, I always strive to present 7-10 minutes of live fashion theatre that hopefully makes some kind of statement or touch the audience in some way both aesthetically and emotionally. I think we all have to be a little more sensitive and flexible to the fragile state of the live experience. I hope anyone reading this will reflect on my thoughts as I have on yours. 
Sincerely and respectfully, Marc

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An unusual situation occurred, Marc Jacob’s show did not start until nearly an hour and a half later. This left people on the fence, having to choose between his show and Rihanna’s. Of course, Twitter wasn’t having that; Marc is always known for starting and closing his shows on time, yet there was an exception this year.

While some Twitter users say that this was outrightly done to sabotage Rihanna’s show, others think that it was just a mere coincidence.

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  1. LOVE

    September 14, 2018 at 6:26 pm

    Lol see the kind problem these ones get, lol. We no even dey pay models for naija or appreciate clothing line from celebs. Our runway shows sef no dey make twitter trend sef. Our naija designers still dey suffer to import real leather. Lol sha We still dey shaku for here, and everybody dey write\flex say dem happy pass for ig. And whoelse have noticed the constant light and tarring of roads and the way politicians dey get our time these days…. Lol *pls forgive my thinking and my realness*

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