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Watch Top Style Tips for your Wigs by Eniola Lapworth on BN TV



When it comes to protective hairstyles, wigs are the best things on the block. In less than a decade, wigs have gone from grandma to superstar, with the likes of Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and so many more promoting wig, it is safe to here that it will be here for a while.

Wigmaker Eniola Lapmorth shares her top tips on how to maintain your wigs with BBC Africa.

Eniola is the brain behind Nuola wigs, and these are her top tips for wigs;

  • Get the right size
  • Match your scalp to the wig, your skin tone should match the lace of your wigs and this can be achieved by using a foundation on the lace of the wig.
  • Keep your hair flat, by braiding and wearing a wig cap
  • Take care of the hair because of it’s real hair, always shampoo and deep condition your wigs.

Watch the full video below.

Photo Credit: Instagram | @nuolawigs

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