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Christmas Came Early! Send & Receive Money Easily with Rapidtransfer App



As Christmas approaches, many of us are already planning our expenses for the holiday period, because we all know that December is a very expensive month and January is a very loooong month.

For those abroad, I am sure you have already started getting the “please send money for us to buy rice” calls; and for us in Nigeria, we already have a list of family members we plan to call to send funds back home.

Do you remember the stress of sending money home? What if we told you that there was an easier way; one that can be done at a tap, right from your mobile phone… and for those receiving, unless they want to get cash, they do not have to lift a finger? Sounds tempting eh?

That easier way is the Rapidtransfer App!

Rapidtransfer is now a mobile app that enables people living abroad to send money to Africa, easily and instantly. Just download the app from the App store or Play store and link your bank card (Visa or Mastercard) and funds you send to Africa can be remitted straight into their account.

If the thought of sending money to loved ones instantly and hassle-free doesn’t whet your appetite, how about the fact that funds sent attract ZERO Fees! Yes, I did say ZERO Fees! So all that calculating how much the charges will be or the internal guilt because you want to pass on this cost to loved ones no longer applies. I am sure your loved ones receiving the funds in Nigeria will be only too happy to get all the funds you sent – leave no “change’ for the bank.

Well, If you want more, you’ve got to read on, because the Rapidtransfer App has a lot more to offer. What else can the app do? Apart from the fact that it is truly convenient, fast and completely secure, your loved ones get the funds instantly…all the funds sent!

With the Rapidtransfer app, you have more control at your fingertips; you can check your rates before you send funds, manage your account and recipients, set and change your PIN for increased security, make enquiries about transactions, update ID information and documentation as well as change your language. With all this power at your disposal with just a simple Tap, what else could you ask for?

Oh! There’s one more thing… we mentioned that you are able to check exchange rates on the app right? There’s a reason for this. The Rapidtransfer App gives senders and receivers the best rates in the market. If you don’t believe me, download the app now and check for yourself.

With unbeatable Forex rates and Zero fees until Thursday, January 31st, 2019, Christmas has indeed come early for your loved ones in Nigeria, and it also means you too have a little more in your pocket to get something small for yourself.

Anyone who said “no good deed goes unpunished” did not have the Rapidtransfer App obviously because doing good never felt so easy or rewarding. So, do yourself and your loved ones a favour; download the Rapidtransfer App right now. Getting started is also very simple. All you need is the app, a registered telephone number in the country where you are, valid ID, your bank card and voila! You are all set up.

In the spirit of Christmas, we are throwing in a little extra. If you share the love and refer a friend (using a special code within the app), we will give you extra benefits and discounts. The more you share the app, the more you earn. Don’t keep the Rapidtransfer App to yourself; just like Christmas, It is the season of giving, so give freely and with a smile

Rapidtransfer…Abroad money to Naija fiam!

Get it now! Click here for IOS Store, and here for Android Playstore.
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