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BN Book of the Month: Tunde Leye’s Afonja – The Rise



Remember that old saying that if you want to hide something from a black man you should put it in a book? Well, we all know now that that’s a load of bollocks. We love to read!

The best thing now is how there are so many Nigerian books out there waiting to be read. Nigerian publishers—Farafina, Narrative Landscape, Ouida, Cassava Republic, Parresia, Ankara Press—are on a roll!

And Nigerian writers are not disappointing, putting out quality work of all genres that deserves to be read.

To make sure these books don’t fly below your radar, BellaNaija will be bringing one to your notice every month.

We’ll be designating one book every month as the “Book of the Month,” with a short comment about why you should read it.

This month’s Book of the Month is Tunde Leye‘s Afonja – the Rise.

Historical fiction that takes you into the heart of the Ọ̀yọ́ empire through the lens of dynamic characters. Led by the Àfọ̀nja, the array of personalities in Tunde Leye’s novel will make you wish you had first-hand experience. Of rulers, love, betrayal and political dynamics, Àfọ̀nja The Rise is BellaNaija’s book of the month.

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