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Music Collective We Talk Sound Releases New Album “LOFN 2”



We Talk Sound LOFN 2

We Talk Sound LOFN 2

Music can serve different purposes. Some of those purposes include: inform, educate and entertain. But music collective, We Talk Sound is bringing another spin to it – buy music for charity, this is what the collective aims to do with its latest release, LOFN 2.

LOFN 2 is the sequel to the 2018 release, LOFN 1 which was available on SoundCloud for free.

We Talk Sound’s community is growing from Nigeria to other parts of Africa. The group’s latest effort, LOFN 2 has a diverse range of contributions from 50 creatives across the continent.

From poetry to music, We Talk Sound served an eclectic offering of well-curated love songs and poetry. The music is not only diverse but of top quality.

Some of the veteran and young artists featured on this project include Illbliss and Modenine’slong-time associate, Teckzilla, Vader, Eri Ife, Mo’believe, Dwin, The Stoic, SoulBlacksheep and others.

All the proceeds from the sale of the album will be donated to Lagos charities, The Dorcas Cancer Foundation and Mirabel Centre.

Buy the album below:

LOFN 2 – Selar

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