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BellaNaija Weddings & UNICEF say #EndChildMarriage – 6 Ways You Can Help



We believe that it takes one person at a time to make a difference and when we all put together our voices, resources, and efforts, the difference becomes global. With this in mind, BellaNaija Weddings joined the #EndChildMarriage campaign by UNICEF. Let’s just say it is our own way of making a difference. We hope this inspires you to lend your voice in your way to put a stop to this. We have highlighted a few ways you can:

Raise awareness

Just like we did with our campaign video, you can join the train to raise awareness about this situation around the world. You can watch the video below, share within your network and become advocates for this great cause:

Support victims and organizations pushing for this

You can go beyond raising awareness and help a victim of this circumstance like Amaka of Wives Roundtable did. She noticed Grace selling groundnuts by the roadside, found out her story and since then has been by her side helping her build a bright future. If you want to be a part of this, you can donate to Grace, here. Since curbing the manes of child marriage goes beyond one person, do support people or organizations involved in the fight to #EndChildMarraige.

Speak up for a girl child

Another way to help is to speak up for the girl child who might be in this difficult situation. You never know how much your words and voice will go to save a girl from this moment. Since she has no one to stand by her, you can be the shoulder she leans on. Help her by fighting for her right to dream and be a child, so when she sees another girl in the same situation, she can also be of help.

Empower the girl child

If by any means, you do find yourself in an environment where child marriage is the norm, please do your bid to educate the families involved or rather begin by educating the young men, parents and girls. Speak to them even before the situation goes beyond repair. In your own way, you can empower a girl child with the right skills or give them the opportunity to build skills and knowledge base. Empowering both the girl and her family can lead to positive outcomes. This way they become agents of change and can navigate their pathway through life.

Push for policy reformation

In order to end this ravishing occurrence in our nation, together we have to push a policy reform of the 2003 Child Rights Act. While we push for reform in the policy, we have to ensure that there is an improved application process of the existing policies in the states that have the highest prevalence of #ChildMarriage.

Donate to the global cause

You can also join the train of people who are contributing to this globally by donating to UNICEF’s campaign. It’s quite easy, click here and you will be a part of the worldwide change.


We are hopeful that with all our hands together fighting this cause, we can make a remarkable change in the world.

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