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Cowork, Ideate, Network while sipping Coffee at Café One



Café One, a first-of-its-kind digital experience center, has re-opened its Lekki outlet, after a short break, to reveal a brand-new space fitted with modern and stylish pieces to suit the millennial looking to cowork, ideate, and network.

An ultra-modern, minimalist design, space is equipped with internet-enabled devices and free Wi-Fi for users to access some of Sterling Bank’s innovative solutions in a fast and remarkably convenient way.

Tobi Jaiyesimi, Business Manager at Café One, says “We’re redefining banking at Café One. Though primarily an experience center that allows for people to interface with some of Sterling Bank’s digital products, it is also a co-working space and a Café.”

“With over half of the Nigerian population accounted for by youth, we are aware that the future of banking must be shaped with them in mind. We also understand the shift in working patterns and environments, and the rapid rise in entrepreneurship in the country, and are rather keen to be a part of this journey towards innovating and building wealth. We do not underestimate its potential impact on job creation and further, economic growth,” she adds.

Café One, launched in May 2018, was re-launched in February 2019 with a new logo and visually appealing space. Till date, the center has hosted various events including the acclaimed Culture At Café One and Artversation—both series promoting the diverse and rich heritage of Nigerian arts, music, and culture as well as celebrating the journey of the respective artists.

Customers have been promised to expect more capacity-building events especially for business networking and financial advisory, with the relaunch of Café One.

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