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#LiterallyWhatsHot: 4 Books to Remind You of Maternal Love

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Mothers are the root of human existence. Since we’re celebrating all mothers today, we have made a compilation of four books that glorify the care, sacrifices, kindness, and selflessness associated with motherhood.

1. I Know Why Your Mother Cries by Badiru Kehinde
This anthology is a manifestation of the tears mothers have cried and still cry. The collection is engaging, and everyone, no matter class, age or gender, will be able to relate with it. It addresses almost every motif of life. Everyone born of a woman should find pleasure in this beauty, and the beauty lies in the tears your mother sheds. Read it here

2. Yetunde: An Ode to my Mother by Segilola Salami
This is a heart-warming story about the power of a mother’s love. It is a captivating and emotional story that talks about love and loss. Read about the story of Labake, a young maiden who was kidnapped to be forced to marry a warrior chief. Will Iya Labake save her child in time? Is Iya Labake just a simple defenseless mother? Or … ? This is a short story dedicated to past, present and future mothers, a perfect Mother’s Day present. Read here

3. Mothers On Strike by Rita Okeah O
This book is a collection of three short stories about women, their strengths, challenges, and weaknesses. It talks about the modern lady, the mother, and the way they deal with life situations. Read it here

4. Mothers and Daughters by I. B. Glover
When a young banker, Olanma, meets Emotan, theirs is a meeting of destiny. The younger woman finds her way with the help of a wise old woman who has walked the well-worn path of raising girls in these modern times. Emotan’s candor and wisdom will open any young woman’s heart as it did Olanma’s over their series of meetings. Read it here