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Social Media Creatives provides One Month Free Content Management Service For Women




Leading social media management service platform, Social Media Creatives is joining the global community to celebrate the International Women’s Month in March 2019 with a FREE social media content management for women who run businesses all through the month of March.

Marketing through social media is one of the most versatile and cost-effective strategies that businesses can use to reach their prospects and customers. However, for businesses to get the desired result out of their social media marketing efforts, engaging and consistent content cannot be swept under the carpet. Effective content helps to increase brand awareness, build a community around the business and, in the end, drive incremental sales hence it is very important for today’s businesses to stay consistent with providing valuable content to their audience.

Knowing the right content to post that will engage your audience is a very difficult task, to add to that, creating visually appealing graphics for social media use can be a major bottleneck for businesses especially small businesses that can’t afford to bring a graphics designer on board. Getting properly resized graphics for each social platform is another headache to deal with and another avenue graphic designer’s zap more bucks from the pocket of business owners.

As it is becoming more difficult  and expensive by the day to find and hire professional social media managers and graphic designers, close to 1,000  SME’s and startups in Nigeria now make use of Social Media Creatives to create their social media designs and save up to two million Naira yearly (SMC costs just 50,000 per year and you can create 1,200 designs annually) on graphic designs and social media management services, this is made possible  because you get relevant content ideas for the week based on local market research from Social Media Creatives and you can create your design yourself at your spare time and schedule it to post without you monitoring it.

Making use of Social Media Creatives also helps with being consistent with social media content as weekly or monthly content can be planned and designed ahead, building a strong online brand that even strangers will be confident doing business with.

Don’t worry if you have never designed before, there is a deposit of creativity in every man and only trying to create brings this out, and not to worry Social Media Creatives handle on social media @socialmediacreativez provides you with tips and tricks to improve your design skill, you will become a good designer in no time.

This month, Social Media Creatives is committed to helping more women increase sales through social media marketing by supporting every woman running an SME  business with FREE social media content management by giving one month free access to create social media designs on while also sharing weekly social media content guide and tips that will help with social content consistency  and drive increased conversions. This also helps your business with the opportunity of designing their content ahead of the week and posting it effectively by making use of platforms like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Facebook scheduler etc. to schedule your post to go out when you want without your being there, just as easy as ABC.

Interested women should register on and their account will be activated for use free of charge within 24 hours in the month of March.

Spend less time making graphics and more time growing your business, building relationships on social media, and creating content. Register Now!

Contacts [email protected] for further inquiries.


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  1. The grid

    March 10, 2019 at 10:06 pm

    50% off for the first 5 women to contact us in celebration of IWD… If you want the best out of your business you can’t just rely on payed automation software

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