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Gender gaps in society remain a major barrier in the world today impeding social advancement and hampering economic growth. At SANOFI, we are committed to acting in the area where we can have the most impact. This has begun in our own company where we have a strong ambition to achieve equal representation of women and men among our top leaders. Our approach draws on our company’s culture of inclusion and diversity – an environment ensuring equal opportunities for the benefit of all.

[email protected] celebrates our highly successful women who work with dedication and passion across our teams worldwide to deliver solutions in healthcare for everyone, everywhere.

Here are excerpts from an inspiring interview with Folake Odediran, General Manager Rx and Country Chair, SANOFI Nigeria-Ghana:

“As a child, I loved to read. But beyond that, I have always loved to talk. As a child, I wanted to be a lawyer, to advocate for a cause, something I believe in, something I am convinced about. That was the five-year-old me…”

The environment I am from… needs to give more opportunity to children, to women, and to the poor…. I have never allowed anything to limit me. So, growing up, I went for my dreams and I gave my dreams everything they required.

As a leader now, I am able to speak up, not just for myself but for fellow women… and for as many people as I have the privilege of working with and leading.

I have had an opportunity to defend courageously, to pursue relentlessly and to stand up for something. In a way, I have been able to connect the dots to the five-year-old me”.


                                                    Folake Odediran

Her advice is that women “should not re-engineer themselves to get a role; they should just come as they are” because “when you operate in your default element, you are at your best!”

To her “success is an attitude, an orientation.  It is about the small things you do every day”

At SANOFI, gender diversity and inclusion are embedded in our values and are foundational to how we operate. Today, we celebrate women all over the world and remain committed to a better, brighter and balanced tomorrow.

Happy International Women’s Day.

Sanofi, Empowering Life.


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