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Burna Boy & DJDS’ “Thuggin/Darko” Music Video is an Immersive Perspective on Gang Violence | Watch on BN

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Burma Boy seems dedicated to making 2019 his most creative year yet. With the release of the collaborative EP with DJDS  ’Steel and Copper’ still fresh out of the booth, the afro fusion artiste has released a short film for two tracks off the EP ’Thuggin’’ and ’Darko’.

The short film tells a sad tale of gang violence and its consequences. The video opens with ’Thuggin’ and we follow Burna through the motions of being a caretaker and gang banger and seamlessly transition into ’Darko’. Even though there’s a slightly different undertone to this part of the video, with a slightly more celebratory feel, the message isn’t lost.

With the videos, Director Daniel Regan was able to provide a deeper perspective to the already thought-provoking tracks. We especially appreciate seeing more immersive videos from Burna Boy.

Watch below.

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