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Looking for the Perfect Drinks for Your Event? Saharan Distillers has got You Covered!



Are You an Event Planner or an intending couple? Do you need help selecting wines to complement your celebration? Saharan Distillers will help you ensure you have the best quality wines to impress your guests.

Do you need a one-stop solution for Champagnes, Wines, Whiskeys and other drinks? Saharan Distillers are makers of premium quality drinks for the Nigerian market.

Saharan Distillers range of wines and spirits include Dominio Del Rey (red, white, rose, and sweet red wines), Dominio Del Rey Sparkling Wines (Rose & Brut), Castillo Grande (red, white, rose, and sweet red wines), Casa Dorada (non-alcoholic still & sparkling wine) and Scots Highland Whisky, amongst others.

All of Saharan Distillers products are made with the finest ingredients, developed to pair perfectly with our Nigerian foods and expertly packaged for our environment to ensure our consumers always experience only the best quality.


Dominio Del Rey Still Wines in Red, White, Rose and Sweet Red


Scots Highland Whisky

Dominio Del Rey Sparkling Rose and Brut

Dominio Del Rey Ice Edition In Rose and Brut


Castillo Grande Still Wine in Red, White, Rose, and Sweet Red


Casa Dorada Non-Alcoholic Wine in Still and Sparkling


Saharan Distillers offers the following services for your event needs:


  • Special Discounts on large orders
  • Exquisite Event Branding
  • Beautiful and Handsome Professional Servers
  • Delivery Services
  • Branding and Support Stock
  • Original products straight from manufacturers.



Please visit or call 09070362659 to learn more

Email: [email protected], [email protected]
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