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KFC’s Popcorn Chicken is So ‘Finger Lickin’ Good!



Just when you thought KFC wasn’t going to top the Wow Chicken Wednesday (WCW) delicious 10-piece bucket with a whopping 35% discount and the finger-licking good 5-in-1 meal box from just N2,000 deal, here they come popping with a brand-new exciting and irresistible snack.

Have you ever had moments when you needed to get the mood popping with something delicious and spicy? Have you ever wanted a fun, bite-sized crispy and spicy chicken to munch on while on the go, out with friends or just for any occasion? Turns out KFC also thought about this and figured you sure do deserve something juicy, delicious and crunchy to get the mood popping. Something tasty you can pop non-stop whenever you want, wherever you want and how often you want. Ladies and gentlemen, lovers of chicken nationwide, say hello to KFC’s “Popcorn chicken”!

This isn’t exactly like the usual popcorn you are used to, it’s a whole new level of crunchy delicious goodness. KFC Popcorn Chicken is a freshly prepared bite-sized snack made with 100% real tender and juicy pieces of hot and crispy chicken that you won’t stop popping till you’ve had enough.

Nothing is ever going to be the same again. KFC is about to get it popping with every munch of the juicy and delicious Popcorn chicken treat. Stuck in traffic? Get it popping! Home alone? At the Beach? Taking a stroll? Get it popping with KFC popcorn chicken. Switch up any regular moment and get it popping with every munch of the finger-licking KFC Popcorn Chicken.

Walk into any KFC outlet or visit Jumia Foods NG to place your order. Don’t forget to follow KFC @kfcnigeria on Facebook & Twitter, and @officialKFCNigeria on Instagram to be amongst the first to get exciting new offers and treats.
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