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Be Cool like Jeff! Join the Chivita Tea Side Community on Facebook



I and Jeff have been friends for a very long time now. But unlike Jeff, I am quite trendy and love to keep up to date with everything that’s happening around me. From entertainment to fitness to refreshment, you can count on me for the latest trends.

It is like Jeff’s life is still stuck in the 1900s, from the way he dresses to the movies he watches. I mean, who still wears baggy trousers and shirts? Jeff does. Ask Jeff, do you know winter is coming? *Hint: Game of Thrones*. Jeff will answer: “Which winter is that? But we don’t have winter in Nigeria?” I am literally shaking my head for Jeff.

So one typical Saturday, after a long day of house chores, I was sitting outdoors in the front of my house with a cold pack of Chivita Ice Tea (cause this is the best way I know how to refresh and rejuvenate), Jeff comes walking through, looking all drenched in sweat and exhausted. “Bro, what is wrong?” Jeff lives on the mainland, and well, he just had to help his mum set up her new supermarket on the island; Epe to be precise.

It was at that point I knew I had to help Jeff’s life. “Bro, here, have a drink!” I offered Jeff some of my Chivita Ice Tea. His eyes immediately lit up. All of a sudden, he looked so rejuvenated and refreshed. “I feel so active and light,” Jeff said. I couldn’t help but laugh, Jeff now knew of the tasty refreshing goodness of Chivita Ice Tea that I was enjoying all these while.

But that’s not at all, I was determined to finally get my friend into the trend of things. I told Jeff about the Tea Side Community on Facebook where all the ballers who have experienced the tasty refreshing goodness of Chivita Ice Tea hang out. Best part of the community is that A-list celebrities share some tips on everything that’s trending. 

Jeff has since joined the Tea Side Community, and he is loving every bit of it. So now I can confidently say, “My guy Jeff na baller ☺” So why not head on over to the Chivita Ice Tea Facebook page @ChivitaIceTea, and join the community. Plus tell all your guys as well, so you all can be trendy and ballerz too…. 

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