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Refresh Your Hustle The “Chivita Ice Tea Way”??



Here is a story about Kola…

Kola is a hustler; he is a jack of all trades. He is a tech entrepreneur, fashion designer, and interior designer. Kola’s customers never settle for less, and as such, he is always looking for innovative ways to keep his customers happy. So far, he has done a good job at that.

His customers are his priority. Even this ban on okada and keke in Lagos cannot stop Kola from delivering to them when need be. Las las, he will trek there if he has to, but through all of these, Kola doesn’t fret one bit.

But how is Kola able to keep going? 

Kola, like his customers, doesn’t settle for less. Kola refreshes the cool way! The Chivita Ice Tea way! Why? Because Chivita Ice Tea is filled with nature’s goodness, the power of antioxidants from tea leaves and the goodness of fruit juice. And you know what, it has no preservatives!

Chivita Ice Tea comes in Aseptic Packaging (an innovative technology that does not require the use of preservatives to prolong the shelf life of the product), and as such, Kola knows that he is getting ALL, and not some, of the natural benefits of tea and lemon juice that Chivita Ice Tea offers.

Kola is very inquisitive.  He had once asked his doctor friend if preservatives in food and drinks were harmful to human health in any way. Well, he was told that there is an ongoing debate by scientists on the negative health implication of preservatives in food and beverages when taken over a long period.

Now, you know why Kola never settles for less when he can have more, ya?

So next time you need to take a break and rejuvenate, be like Kola and do it the Chivita Ice Tea way.
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