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Spiritual Sexual Security, Inauguration Speech, Onye Eze’s House – Here’s What Went Down This Week

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We’ve had a full one this week, haven’t we? So much has happened this week that has left us weeping, laughing, upset, hopeful, confused, empowered, and exhausted. Here they all are.

Adewura Bello Was Found

Adewura Latifah Bello went missing a few weeks ago, and the internet, proving that there is, after all, still hope in humanity, went overdrive searching for her.

Unfortunately, when Adewura was found, she was discovered dead in a canal. It was shared that she was on her way home on an okada when the flooded road forced the okada down, and the rider, who had been warned not to ride through the road, chose to save his bike.

Condolences have been pouring in for Adewura since then, with people sending in their support to her family.

We hope that her family will find the strength to bear the immense loss, and that she rests in peace.

Blessing Okoro Vs. Onye Eze

Imagine you’re out of the country, or just out of your home, and maybe you find out on social media, or perhaps a neighbour reports to you, that someone is inside your home, taking photos and sharing them on social media, claiming it is theirs.

Yeah, that’s exactly what happened between Blessing Okoro and Onye Eze.

Okoro shared photos of herself on social media claiming a house belonged to her. The photos included one of her in a bonnet, claiming that she built the house before turning thirty, eight years after her ex-husband threw her out of their one-bedroom apartment. It’s … difficult to comprehend. Why?

A video was shared on social media of the self-made star on her knees, crying in handcuffs, apologising to the owner of the home, Onye Eze.

While the internet laughed, advising that people not live “fake life,” another video was shared of Onye Eze and Okoro  sitting and sharing two bottles of wine. It was ridiculous. This is Nigeria, after all.

Anyway, we leave you with a video of Onye Eze stunting, two wristwatches on his wrists.


Cyril Ramaphosa was elected president of South Africa, and the people of his country made it clear this week that they have certain expectations of him.

With the hashtag #NowThatCyrilKePresident, South African twitter went on, making clear their exceptions, and, of course, getting a few laughs out of it.

Check out the expectations of the Mzansi:

London is not really an English city – John Cleese

Some years ago I opined that London was not really an English city any more

Since then, virtually all my friends from abroad have confirmed my observation

So there must be some truth in it…

I note also that London was the UK city that voted most strongly to remain in the EU

Comedy legend John Cleese shared this on his Twitter on Wednesday, and perhaps because Brexit remains an issue, Londoners were not having it.

They made it clear that London’s diversity was part of its character, as is the character of any big city across the world.

The comment was also described as hypocritical, considering Cleese himself is an immigrant, leaving the UK to live in the Caribbean.

Some, though, have said they don’t see how Cleese’s comment was bigoted. He only made an observation, they said.

Here’s what we’re asking: What exactly does it mean to be an English city and is it a bad or good thing?

President Buhari was sworn in for a second term … and he didn’t give a speech

Na so we see am o. President Buhari was sworn in for another four years in office, and maybe he felt the speech he gave in 2015 still applied, because he simply left like that, not addressing Nigerians.

No doubt it quickly turned to pants on Twitter, with people asking: Why?

Bobrisky Movie Getting Banned

We saw the trailer a while ago, of a movie titled “Bobrisky in Love.” The movie stars Bobrisky, the social media star constantly wagging tongues.

Soon, we heard the National Film and Video Censors Board was setting up panels (yes, plural. More than one) to investigate the movie, and ban it if need be. Soon after that, the trailer disappeared from YouTube. We thought: Is that it?

However, we then learned that the Censors Board had never even heard of the movie, and when told about it, they said it was illegal ab initio, given its subject matter is illegal in the country.

Anyway, as is the case in our country, when they say something is banned, it is usually for their own pocket. Bobrisky in Love is available on YouTube. And it’s not a movie. It’s a TV show.

Biafra Remembrance Day

Nigerians on Thursday, May 30, exactly 52 years after Biafra was declared a sovereign state, kicking off the Nigerian Civil War, also known as the Biafra War.

Millions lost their lives to that war, most of them through starvation, and it is imperative that they are remembered, their memories honoured.

Timi Dakolo doing God’s work

Not holding leaders accountable is a peculiar trait that comes with Christianity in Nigeria, and singer Timi Dakolo obviously has no time for that.

Last year May, he called out an “Abuja pastor” who had left “innocent girls” in “ruin.” The pastor should be in jail, he said.

Well, it seems like an end of May thing for Timi (last year’s call out was on May 31), because, again, he called out a pastor, perhaps the same one, as their crimes remain the same: leaving innocent women in ruins. (Curious choice of words, if you ask us.)

Timi still did not mention names, but this time, he was more specific, writing “Commonwealth ko, Zion ni,” indicating that *cough cough* it probably has something to do with some robust response we’ve been awaiting for (seven) years.

Anyway, Twitter folks had a lot to say. A lot. (Can someone explain to us what “sexual security” is?)

And that’s all for this week. If we missed anything, let us know in the comment section. Here’s hoping you have a wonderful weekend!

Photo Credit: buharisallau