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“Commonwealth Ko, Zion Ni”: Timi Dakolo calls out Pastor for “leaving a trail of broken women….”

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Singer Timi Dakolo took to Instagram on Thursday to call out a “pastor” who he accused of “leaving a trail of broken women, sexually abused and mentally strangled” in “any city he visits”.

Last year, the singer, without mentioning names, called out an “Abuja Pastor,” saying he “should be in jail.”

“The amount of pain and ruins he has left innocent girls in, forcely taking away their innocence even in their teenage years….forever leaving a dent in their soul. Man of which God?!,” Timi continued.

In his latest post, Timi, also did not mention the pastor’s name.

“Commonwealth ko Zion ni,” he wrote as caption for his latest post. “Church is supposed to fix broken people and not crush people who show up in church needing God,” he added.

He also mentioned units of the church he’s referring to. “From Avalanche to Gratitude, from Pastoral Care Unit to Host and Hostesses, from Witty Inventions to Hospitality Unit.”

“He hand-picks his victims and ruins them,” Timi wrote about the pastor. He added that all the branch pastors know about this and are part of it.

“Some of the victims they’ll threaten, some they’ll pay off, and some they’ll suppress by isolating them from ‘church members,'” Tim added.

The singer claimed that there’s a “criminal lawyer” who’s always ready to do the “dirty work”.

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