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Arit Okpo Discusses Digital Security & the Queer Nigerian with Oma Ikwueme & Sophina Kio-Lawson on Untold Facts | WATCH



Untold Facts is back with a bang for a new season. On the first episode of Season 4, Arit Okpo chats with Sophina Kia Lawson and Oma Ikwueme about cyber security and how it affects the queer Nigerian.
Sophina is a researcher and cyber security expert. She collaborated with CC-Hub to create a guide called Safe Online. Oma is a security trainer who works with organizations and small groups, to train them on digital security.

Untold Facts is an online discussion produced by TIERs and geared towards enhancing the visibility of human rights, particularly sexual rights and sexual health rights in Nigeria with a focus on LGBT persons.

It hopes to encourage the creation of an alternative narrative that shapes public discussions on issues of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. It promises to break boundaries and clarify myths and misconceptions around sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

Watch the episode below:

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