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You Won’t Believe Some of these Answers to Battabox’s Question – Are Pastors Capable of Rape? | Watch



Battabox is out with a new VoxPox video, focusing on the current conversations about rape, consent and people taking advantage of a position of power.

Pamela of Battabox hit the streets of Lagos to ask people a few questions about “Men of God” and rape, and you won’t believe some of the answers.

While a number of people gave the expected answers as individuals in a society with a constantly growing knowledge of consent, a few people gave more cynical answers.

Battabox says:

Religious Leaders are fondly called “Men of God” and a lot of people tend to see them in the image of God and can go to any length to defend them in most cases over any situation. There was recent outburst on social media about a pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA, who was said to have raped a celebrity photographer, Busola Dakolo. You can tell that this allegation is not a piece of surprising news to her husband, Timi Dakolo who has been giving her support in making sure that an act like that can not just be rolled under the carpet. So we ask ourselves if this news is true or false, and how possible it is for a figure “man of God” to do something like that. We can’t really tell how true or false this is ourselves so we took it to the street to ask people what they think is possible.

Watch the video below.

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