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Icons lose to The Cruisetopians, The Veto Power Holder’s Choice meets Mixed Feelings on #BBNaija Day 44



Post-Nomination and Strike Drama

Beyond the Nomination Task and the strikes, there was a heated drama that revealed more about the Housemates.

After the HoH Task, the Pepper Dem Gang went into all shades of drama in reaction to the Nominations and the Strikes issued.

Post-Nomination Challenge Drama

Sir Dee was all emotional after his team lost the Nomination Challenge to Cruisetopia. Who wouldn’t feel bad especially when you had just one job – saving your team from defeat and eventual Nomination. It also didn’t help that at the end of the day, you got saved from the same Nomination your team was doomed to. These thoughts must have weighed heavily on his mind and like an inflated balloon that can no longer hold in more air, Sir Dee burst into tears telling Omashola that he could have done better. The more the others tried to console him, the angrier he became with himself. Hopefully, the thought of staying in the House for another week will eventually console his aching heart.

1565663004 34 screenshot 2019 08 12 at 7.54.11 pm

To Hell With Your Apology

This is what we guessed Tacha would have said, but instead, she settled for a more conservative “Fu*k you” in response to Joe’s apology. Remember Joe provoking Tacha was the reason why she got riled up and now has a Strike? Well, Joe feeling contrite, decided to clear the air and apologise to Tacha for taking it too far. Guess who wasn’t any of it? Yup! You guessed right. Tacha! She was obviously still pissed off at him and still hurting from her recently acquired Strike. Perhaps he should try again later when things cool down.

1565662941 34 screenshot 2019 08 12 at 10.35.38 pm

That’s Enough Alcohol for You, Ike

One common feature of Ike’s outbursts is that they are always right after consuming a large volume of alcohol at the Saturday Night Parties. He saunters back into the House in a mood for one of two things – to get frisky with Mercy or take on anyone trying to rile him up. We aren’t the only one who noticed this, Diane did too and took it upon herself to advise Ike to steer clear of alcohol, as both his Strikes have been from incidents resulting from alcohol consumption.

In all, as the games and surprises in the House get intense, we hope the Housemates will soon realise that there are rules to be followed in Biggie’s House and embrace appropriate behaviours.

Drama Before The Drama

Has there ever been a Task without a fight? Nope! Today isn’t that day either as Khafi and Venita got into a little shouting match.

The preparation for the Heritage Bank’s Task of organizing a coronation and grand reception for the ‘Tor Tiv’ began in earnest, but not without a few hiccups.

A Recap

In case you aren’t aware, Seyi won the Head of House Challenge for the second week back to back and will now be referred to as the ‘Tor Tiv’ and also, thanks to Heritage Bank, this time around, the Pepper Dem Gang will have to organise a coronation ceremony and grand reception for him. This Task will be delivered as a drama.

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The Drama Before the Drama

It all started with Venita highlighting her acting background and stating she’d like a significant role in the drama. At the same time, Khafi also wanted a significant role admitting to Esther that she really never wanted singing roles and acting was her thing. With both Housemates eager for a significant role, a clash ensued.

1565717104 56 screenshot 2019 08 13 at 2.02.02 pm

Venita on her part didn’t think Khafi had what it took to play a significant role in the drama. “My primary job is acting and I have won awards, while you are just a police officer,” she said. Khafi insisted she deserved the role citing several occasions when she has had to step down for other people to take roles while she settled for something else. Seyi’s attempt to intervene didn’t yield much positive result as he almost got into a face-off with Khafi too.

1565717148 56 screenshot 2019 08 13 at 2.02.15 pm

Paving a Peaceful Path

Seyi’s title is the Tor Tiv and some of his roles include establishing unity and settling cases in the community. Living up to his new-found title, he took it upon himself to settle issues with Khafi and establish unity in the House. Both parties seem to have come to a common agreement, all that’s left is to get Venita on board.

1565717202 56 screenshot 2019 08 13 at 2.36.53 pm

Is There More to the Fight?

Earlier on, Venita apologized to Khafi if it seemed like she was getting between her and Gedoni and it’s quite surprising that their altercation today had the undertones that both still had a score to settle over Gedoni. Since her drama with Frodd and Omashola, Venita has been getting close to Gedoni and even picked him for the Munch It Challenge. It is quite understandable why she feels she might be coming in between Khafi and Gedoni, but Khafi doesn’t feel that way. As a matter of fact, Khafi remarked while talking to Diane that Venita was a non-factor. Today’s fight showed there might be more to it than just a role in a Drama as Gedoni’s name kept coming up.

Beyond The Drama

As the Coronation Day approaches, Housemates have been asked to tidy up the House and prepare a local delicacy – Moi Moi in readiness for the big day. Finally, they were instructed that swearing will not be permitted for 48 hours. Hopefully, they will survive that last hurdle.

Watch the Drama Before The Drama Unfold

As the Housemates undertake another Task, we can’t wait to see how they will pull this off.

Making Hard Choices

Life in the Big Brother Naija House has never been easy, so also are the choices they have to make.

The Pepper Dem Gang in their Diary Session with Big Brother talked about the first Nomination challenge and what they will do if they had the power to change certain things in the game.

The Choice Of The Veto Power Holder

In the Big Brother Naija House, every Housemate knows that the Veto Power Holder has the Power to Save a Nominated Housemate and Replace with another Housemate. For a while, the Power has not been used and none of the Housemates has thought about it until this week when Diane became the Veto Power Holder.

Diane’s decision after the Nomination challenge was greeted with mixed feelings and they talked to Biggie about it in the Diary Room. The camp was broken into two factions. Some of the Housemates felt Diane decision was okay given the pressure she was under at that particular time, but Mercy, Cindy and Elozonam thought otherwise.

For Mercy, she was disappointed that Diane didn’t use her Veto Power to Save Ike. She told Biggie that she won’t hesitate to save Diane if she was in a fix. Cindy and Elozonam also expressed surprise on the conclusion reached by the Veto Power Holder. While the former was shocked that Diane didn’t save Elozonam, she was quick to recover when she remembered that Diane and Sir Dee have been friends in the House before Elozonam’s arrival. The latter’s thoughts also toed that line but he has since made peace with Diane’s action.

Well, with power, comes great responsibility and last night was Diane’s turn to shoulder hers.

1565736769 34 screenshot 2019 08 13 at 5.08.37 pm

The Power To Save

One of the questions Big Brother asked the Housemates was if they had the power to save two Housemates from the Nominated list, who will they Save?

As expected, Housemates on the Nomination list wished they could save themselves. Interestingly, it seemed Ike and Khafi were the faves of other Housemates as they mentioned to Biggie that they will readily Save these two if they had the Power. Elozonam, Enkay, Omashola and Frodd were some of the names that came to the lips of the other Housemates on who they will Save.

Who knows, Biggie might wave a magic wand but then, nothing is certain in the Pepper Dem House.

The Secret Task

Big Brother is never short of twists and this time it was a secret Task for Frodd, Elozonam, Enkay, and Cindy. The selected Housemates were told a secret which they could share with only one Housemate.

The secret was that Big Brother was going to clean up the Bet9ja Coins in the House and each Housemate will lose at least half of their Bet9ja Coins if at least three Housemates do not spend a minimum of 1000 Bet9ja Coins. Saddled with this secret, these Housemates will have to make a choice on whom they will tell this secret to and our ears are on the ground to hear it all.

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The Pepper is getting hotter and we are keen to see how the Housemates will separate emotions from the game.

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