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Khafi wins The Innoson IVM Fox & Pepper Dem Gang Couples’ Love Affair takes a Dicy Turn on #BBNaija Day 55



Elozonam and Diane: A Blossoming Bond

Elozonam and Diane have established a friendship in the Pepper Dem House that seems unshakable.

Just like a flower that has reached full bloom, the friendship between Diane and Elozonam has grown from that small bud we noticed in the Big Brother Naija House.

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Gist And Game Buds

One thing we noticed between these two is the time they spend gisting together. From swapping personal stories to talking about issues in the House, Elozonam and Diane derive joy in sharing each other’s space and we love that about them.

Another thing from both of them is their love for the truth or dare game. True they enjoy partaking in it, we are yet to see a moment where they obliged the Housemates by getting intimate. On this, Diane is usually the reluctant one, while Elozonam doesn’t see anything wrong with kissing – after all, it’s just a game.

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Children at heart, we won’t forget how they once engaged in a game of duvet snatching. Also, before going to sleep on their individual beds, Diane and Elozonam have a thing where they lie together on each other’s bed and whisper stories to each other. In Diane’s words, “You have come to mark attendance.” Aww, we find this endearing no matter what Diane says.

A Thorn In Their Path

It hasn’t always been rosy for these two. By this, we are referring to the decisions both of them made as Veto Power Holder.

The week Diane won the Veto Power Game of Chance and Elozonam’s team (The Icons) were up for possible Eviction, she Saved Sir Dee. This action which hurt Elozonam instantly and more so, deeply.

This week, Elozonam became Veto Power Holder and he toed the path of Diane and Saved Venita. Even though they gave each other reasons for the decisions they took, there were still some rough patches. In a conversation they had, Elozonam asked Diane, “Why didn’t you Save me?” This question led to a proper talk which settled the painful matter in their midst.

Watch Diane and Elozonam’s story here

Groove Partners

Did you see those times at the Saturday Night Parties that they rocked each other with reckless abandon? You don’t groove like that with “just friends” for sure. Oh, those spicy moments are not limited to the Night Parties. After the Friday Night Arena games, Biggie switched up the music and guess who we caught grinding on each other? Yes, you guessed right – Diane and Elozonam. The situation was so intense that Diane didn’t know the havoc she was wrecking on Elozonam down there. Well, Diane and Elozonam are peppering us with their friendship and we are here for it.

1566615954 34 screenshot 2019 08 24 at 1.23.44 am

Having read through their story, what do you think is going on between Diane and Elozonam?

Celebrating Proudly Nigerian With Innoson

In the spirit of celebrating ‘Proudly Nigerian’, the Pepper Dem Gang got up to a fun day, courtesy of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company.

From rich Nigerian dishes to great Nigerian music and speeches, the Housemates served all shades of Nigerian flavour.

Wholly Furnished

Dressed in their Innoson t-shirts and face caps, the Housemates got kitted up to an action-packed day.

Trust some of the Pepper Dem ladies to adorn the clothing pieces with accessories and well-befitting shoes to complete the occasion.

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The ‘Gbedu’ Donors

As some form of entertainment, Biggie instructed the Pepper Dem Gang to ensure that at least one Housemate must be entertaining the House with proudly Nigerian music, while the food preparation was in progress. Well, not every time Biggie’s DJ, sometimes, pick up a Pepsi bottle and sing away.

You can already tell who unleashed the musicians in them as soon as the Task commenced. Even our Pepsi Know Da Lyrics winner wasn’t left out. In fact, she led the singing Challenge at some point. To show the Housemates why she was crowned the winner of the Lyrics Challenge, perhaps?

From ‘Sweet Mother’ by Prince Miko Mbanga, to “Your Waist’ by Iyanya and ‘Aye’ by Davido, the Pepper Dem musicians sure entertained us all the way, that we didn’t even notice their croaky voices.

1566665756 34 ent

Ingredients, please?

Biggie treated his guests to a wholesome Nigerian meal of ‘akara’ and ‘pap’ for breakfast. Shortly after, Big Brother asked them to reciprocate the gesture by cooking a rich Nigerian dish for him and the Ninjas. The twist was to do this using only the available ingredients in the House, with no extra ingredients to be provided.

In two hours, the Housemates came to an agreement and prepared the Nigerian delicacy – Poundo potato and Egusi soup. Thanks to Tacha, Frodd and Sir Dee, Biggie had a great breakfast.

The Innoson Adventure

Presented with the Innoson IVM Fox, the Pepper Dem Gang were Challenged to individually present a three to four minutes presentation on what makes them Proudly Nigerian.

With Cindy taking the lead and Venita wrapping it up, the Housemates each gave reasons why they’re proudly Nigerian.

For the next Challenge, the Housemates were Tasked to pick up one of the ribbons tied to the front grill of the Innoson IVM Fox. They were required to grip the ribbons firmly while standing upright throughout the Challenge.

1566665834 34 pp

The Pizza Lawbreakers

As usual, no Task happens in Biggie’s House without rules being scorned. While we had the regular offenders, Biggie expressed his disappointment to the wrongdoers in today’s Task. As soon as the Ninja arrived with pizza distractions, majority of the Housemates (led by Esther), dropped the ribbons and rushed to grab a slice of pizza each.

Of course, punishment awaits the crooks but till then, enjoy the pizza Housemates.

1566666970 34 pizzz

…And Then They Were Four

All Housemates except Khafi, Mercy, Jackye and Cindy lost grip of the ribbons. For this reason, Biggie expressed his satisfaction for their ability to follow his rules and in doing so, exhibited the true ‘Proudly Nigerian’ spirit.

As time went by, these four were given distracting elements as well as harder Challenges. From music sessions to rich Nigerian delicacies, their individual strengths were tested.

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The Innoson Champ

Hands shaking, necks bending, eyes twitching, one by one the Innoson contestants were eliminated. From Jackye to Cindy and finally Mercy, we finally arrived at a winner in the Task.

For the sole act of being the last Housemate holding on to the ribbon, Khafi won the Challenge and the Innoson IVM Fox. She left the Arena with smiles and congratulatory messages from her fellow Housemates as she earned what appeared to be her first car. Way to go girl!

1566666167 34 ca

With the juicy Challenges and prizes the Pepper Dem Gang are faced with, we can’t wait to see more wins and of course, more offenders in Biggie’s House.

Role-Playing With The Icy Pair

What do you say to the god of love? Today, please! The Icy pair have shown us that there’s more to them than the hugs and kisses they share in the House.

In many ways, Ike and Mercy have played different roles to suit their friendship or should we say partnership in Biggie’s House.

Let’s examine the different roles they play in Biggie’s House as a couple…

The Resident Gangstas

“If I leave on Sunday, I want you to run up on him,” Mercy said to Ike after her phone fight with Gedoni. What more speaks relationship goals than having a partner that can ‘run’ things up for you? Well, say hello to our in-house gangstas.

Popularly called Igwe Tupac and Lambo, the pair do not fail to provide us with the gangsta life when need be.

Even though Ike swears he’s about the gangsta life, it’s adorable seeing him turn into jelly when it comes to Mercy’s matters. One incident we can’t easily forget is the day Ike was hell-bent on teaching Joe a lesson and he kept those words on his lips for about thirty minutes, until Mercy gave him a hug and a peck in the bid to calm him down. Guess what happened to Ike afterwards, he curled up next to Mercy on the bed and sealed the night with smiles and kisses.

1566664888 34 video to gif 19

More Than Just Friends

Most people would agree that spring is for lovers but with Ike and Mercy, love can happen anywhere, including Biggie’s garden.

The ease with which both lovers ‘sweet talk’ each other is one way they keep us entertained and glued to our screens. With this, they’ve earned themselves the ‘Icy’ nickname and evidently, have been identified as the power couple in the Pepper Dem House.

We don’t know if it’s Ike’s charming ways or the way Mercy is able to switch from zero to one hundred, we can’t deny that these two complement each other in many ways.

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The Counsellors

Life is too short to live it without getting bits of advice from a lover. Right?

Well, in the Icy ship, giving advice is the order of the day and in Ike’s case, receiving advice may just be a hobby.

You can agree with this considering the number of times Mercy has advised Ike to stay out of trouble in the Pepper Dem House. Remember Ike’s drama with Seyi, Mercy played her advisor role by calming her resident lover down when things were about to get crazy.

1566666754 34 video to gif 22

Bonnie and Clyde

We’re still not certain if they were involved in Omashola’s missing Bet9ja Coins but what we can hold them responsible for is the loss of Esther’s Coins. Well thankfully, they returned most of it back without the owner’s knowledge.

From the moment Esther announced the loss of her Coins, the Pepper Dem Bonnie and Clyde were found whispering about where to hide the Coins, who to blame it on and how to spend the currency.

Is the original Bonnie and Clyde a love story? We can’t say but all we know is that with Ike and Mercy, true crime meets true love and we’re here for it.

1566667033 34 video to gif 20


Don’t underestimate the bond between Task buddies and it’s surprising that couples can also double up as team players for Tasks.

Their team playing abilities were displayed when they were paired for the Munch It Challenge and left as winners of the Task. From the art Task to the hula hoop Challenge, the pair showed Africa why they deserved to win the one million Naira and an exquisite dinner for two.

1566665036 34 video to gif 21

How do you like your Icy served?

The Pepper Dem Fighters

We can’t always expect all the Pepper Dem Gang to get along and what happens when they don’t? Fight! Fight! Fight!

No one expects the Pepper Dem Gang to be at peace all the time and going about doing ‘kumbaya’ in the House. What we didn’t expect was how frequent the fights would be and boy, were there a lot. Like siblings, the Pepper Dem Gang bickered and some ended in ugly fights. Be it power struggle or food, there was always something getting the Housemates worked up and ready to have a go at each other.

Pre Task Fights

Just like death and taxes, fights were always certain before any Task. Preparing for a Task in the House was like driving a car with different Housemates reaching for the wheel. What happens when everyone wants to drive is a clash of egos. From Seyi to Tacha to Jeff to Ella, almost every one of the Pepper Dem Gang has been involved in an altercation leading up to a Task. The first major pre Task altercation was between Jeff and Tacha. To be fair, he set himself up that. Picking an all-male team leads wasn’t exactly a smart move and Tacha saw right through it and came for him. Although he made amends later, but not before we noted it down as one of the major fights in the House.

The first Wager Task had everyone in their feelings. First Tacha stormed off from the Task rehearsals in annoyance, then KimOprah and Ella all got into mild fights about who should play what role. Mercy and Omashola had a go at it too right before a Thursday Task Presentation. Omashola felt Mercy wasn’t doing enough and what ensued next was – you guessed it! A shouting match.

The Coronation Challenge had its fair share of fights. It started with Venita and Khafi going at each other for a role before Seyi got involved and ended up turning into a threesome, but not the kind we like, but the type that had curse words and angry parties. They eventually resolved it but mean statements were made and we wonder if the apologies will douse the sting of the insults.

The “I’m just in the mood to fight” Fight

For no reason at all, some Housemates just want to fight. Like it gets them going. Till today, we really can’t say for sure why Joe went to provoke Tacha into an argument. An argument that led to a vicious outburst from Tacha and eventually earned them each a Strike. Tacha believed he had a preconceived notion about her and that’s why he wanted to test her, but we believe Joe was being Joe.

1565426874 56 screenshot 2019 08 10 at 9.43.17 am

 The Loud Hooligans

The fight here is typically a ‘who can shout the loudest’ fight.’ Don’t get it wrong, all the fights have always been a shouting match, but these ones put a little extra effort into their battle cry. The loudest of them is Omashola closely followed by Thelma. Imagine what the House would be like if the two loudest people fought each other? Now, stop imagining, because they did fight each other. Omashola attempted to get into the bathroom while Thelma was taking her bath and all hell was let loose.

Omashola must be the only Housemate who has fought with everyone and no one at the same time. Getting robbed of his Bet 9ja Coinsbrought out the rage in him as he hurled threats at everyone and no one in particular. This rage earned him a Strike and it’s been a battle since then to keep his rage in check to prevent him from earning another.

Thelma locked horns with Esther when the former addressed physically challenged people with an inappropriate term. It took the intervention of Sir Dee, Ike, and Tuoyo to settle the rift.

1566670409 56 esther

Although Tacha isn’t exactly that loud, she does have a way of making herself heard in every fight. Her voice could be heard loud and clear as she yelled insults at Frodd when he tried to make use of the bathroom while she also wanted to.

The After-Party Fights

This has become the hallmark of most Saturday Nights Parties. Rarely have we ever seen a Party not end with a fight right after. We dare say the fights have become the icing to Saturday Night Party cakes. Ike and Mercy are the usual suspects when it comes to these fights. Not only have they fought with some of the other Housemates, but they have also fought each other too. Fueled by alcohol and jealousy, Ike has at one time or the other wanted to have a go at Tuoyo, Joe and possibly every other male Housemate who danced with Mercy during the Saturday Night Parties. Ike’s fight with Seyi over ice cream Seyi birthed the popular phrase “F*ck the Ice Cream my n*gga” and also got him his second Strike threatening his stay in the House. That was the closest we’ve had to a physical confrontation cause if the rest of the Housemates didn’t restrain Ike, it would have turned ugly.

1566668966 56 screenshot 2019 08 04 at 9.06.44 am

Mercy’s fight with Gedoni resulted in her breaking a mobile phone in a moment of rage. Even Mike, the captain of the Cruisetopia had a bit of the action when Tacha came for him after he rubbed birthday cake in her hair. He did keep his cool though, which was quite commendable cause Tacha was pushing those buttons.

The Food Fights

The first-ever fight in the house was caused by food, so was the next one. After someone once sold his birthright for food, we weren’t too surprised at how eager the Housemates were to drag each other over food. First, it was Esther who threw a fit cause someone ate the food she made (That someone was Mike by the way), then the fish fiasco where Tacha and Thelma were ready to take it to the boxing ring, but they settled for curses instead.

Lovers Feud

Love triangles have created uncomfortable situations in the House and the fight for the love of your life can get crazy at times. Mercy wasn’t afraid to take it down to crazy lane with Ella over Ike. Mercy suspected Ella had a soft spot for Ike and she wasn’t having it. “Find another man wey dey single,” she screamed at Ella. We wonder how things would have turned out if Ella hadn’t been Evicted. There was a mild war between Frodd and Omashola over Venita when she decided to pick Frodd over Omashola which later backfired, but that’s another story.  A hurt Omashola did let out loud outbursts once in a while, some directed towards Venita, but mostly about Frodd.

1566669457 56 egg

When you look at it, the fights were really about basic stuff. Ideally, nothing to lose your head over, but when you are competing with people from different backgrounds all clamouring to put up a brave front, there will always be a power struggle and where there is a power struggle, there will always be clashes.

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