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Omashola wins Bet9ja’s Friday Night Arena Games on #BBNaija Day 33



Another Shade Of Pepper?

Once, twice, thrice and the Housemates keep getting hit by Biggie’s shocking twists.

In case you missed it, Cindy is the fifth new Housemate to be introduced into the Pepper Dem House this week. With her arrival, came a mix of reactions from the other Housemates in the game. Another spice to the Pepper Dem mix? It just got hotter in here.

The Twist

Yesterday, before their Thursday Night Presentation, some of the Housemates told Biggie in their Diary Room session that they wished Big Brother would stop bringing in more Housemates. If only they knew what Biggie had waiting for them in the House.


Oh, the look on their faces when they walked into the House to meet another product of Biggie’s BB Naija Twist. Amidst the warm welcome and shocked looks, one could tell that the Housemates didn’t see it coming.

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The Housemates weren’t the only ones that got twisted by Biggie’s surprise

More Spice, More Smiles

Following the Nomination announcement, the Pepper Dem gang started the week with Eviction jitters. However, the addition of new Housemates to the game lifted their spirits as it’s been evident from the truth or dare games and the gist aka bonding sessions they’ve had through the week.

1564717112 34 screenshot 2019 08 02 at 4.04.45 am

Eyes On The Prize 

Amidst the twist, Mercy and Khafi had a conversation about relationships. Mercy in a bid to be helpful told Khafi that even though she loves Gedoni, she should always remember the 60 million Naira at stake in the game. To her, the money stays uppermost in her mind and Khafi should also adopt that mindset. Mercy also told Khafi that Gedoni wants her to blend more with other Housemates and not be too clingy to him. The words have been spoken, let’s see if Khafi will heed them.

1564717046 34 screenshot 2019 08 02 at 4.21.45 am

The Pepper Dem game just got tighter and we can’t wait to see the drama unfold.

Omashola Wins Again

The Bet9ja Arena Games sees two football stars officiating and Omashola winning.

Omashola was the proud winner of the Bet9ja Friday Night Arena Games. He completed the course in 40 seconds and smiled back into the House 400 Bet9ja Coins richer. This is the third time Omashola is clinching victory at the Arena Games. Quite an impressive streak. Recall his team won the first Bet9ja Friday Night Arena Games before he went on to win the Circus Task.

1564791093 56 screenshot 2019 08 02 at 9.52.04 pm

Celebrity Officials

Celebrating the greatest sport in Nigeria, Football, the Bet9ja Friday Night Arena Games had the duo of Nigerian professional footballers, Etebo Karo and John Ogu officiating the Game.

1564791599 56 screenshot 2019 08 02 at 9.21.04 pm

Let the Games Begin

After a long day dressed in nothing but wrappers, Biggie sending jerseys to the Housemates came as a relief as some of them already thought they’d have to compete in their wrappers. Preparations for the Games began with the Pepper Dem Gang scampering for their jerseys before trooping out into the Arena.

1564791659 56 screenshot 2019 08 02 at 8.51.34 pm

The Scoreboard

The course included five challenges that were required to be completed in record time. Mike was the first to go on the course finishing in 1 minute, 18 seconds. Unfortunately, rarely has the Housemate or Team that goes first in the Arena Games ever won.

Here’s the scoreboard of how all the Housemates performed.

Name Time
Cindy 1:49
Diane 1:29
Elozonam 0.51
Enkay 1:30
Esther 1:30
Frodd 0.52
Gedoni 1:03
Ike 1:13
Jackye 0.59
Joe 1:05
Khafi 1:20
Mercy 1:43
Mike 1:18
Omashola 0.40
Seyi 1:25
Sir Dee 0.57
Tacha 3:25
Venita 1:28

Omashola talks a lot about his fitness regimen and it looks like it’s paying off for him in the Bet9ja Arena Games. Could he be on his way to winning the reward for the best performing Housemate at the Arena Games at the end of the Season?

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