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Are You Paying Black Tax? Come Tell Us All About It



You know that Nollywood story where a guy leaves his family back in the village, travels to the city, makes it big, and then starts supporting his family back home? It’s real life for a lot of Nigerians.

You probably don’t know that that’s what it’s called, but you’re definitely familiar with the phenomenon: Young people just making their way into adulthood, but having to support their families.

It’s the story of so many black people across the world, supporting siblings, parents, even grandparents. And it’s worse in a country like Nigeria, where there is no functional social welfare system, as shared by Atoke.

Because African parents are known for making sacrifices for their kids, now that we’re grown, we feel we have to make sacrifices for our parents too. Rent is higher than it has ever been. The government keeps increasing VAT, so everything is increasing. Everything but salaries, of course. And on top of all these expenses, we still have to send to our families.

But we’re not complaining.

So we want you to share your stories with us. Tell us about how you feel paying black tax. Tell us about how it has affected you. Tell us about how it has matured you. Just shoot us a mail at features(at)bellanaija(dot)com, with ‘Paying Black Tax’ as the subject of the email.

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