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Regina Askia is “So sorry some of our greedy brothers had to put us all in such an embarrassing position”



Former Nollywood actress turned medical practitioner, Regina Askia, has taken to social media to write a lengthy note, encouraging Nigerians in the diaspora who are currently facing racism issues, to hang in there and continue to be the best they’ve always been.

See her post below;

“To all my honest hardworking Nigerian American brothers and sisters headed to work this morning, my prayers are with you.
Brace up because a whole lot of stupid will be coming at you from round the block and back. Like the overarching racism culture was not degrading enough, we now have to walk in the shadow of suspicion by folks who should know better and by dusty ass folks with a negative balance in their account acting like you trying to steal something.
Corporate America is notoriously unfriendly when it comes to the hardworking black immigrant. But our resilience and focus keep us rising above all that, rejecting the office of victim hood and taking it all in our stride. We are eagle eyed focused on the big picture and that for most of us is highest possible educational qualification and highest possible office with highest possible pay. Like water, we find our way around any and all obstacles and we make it. But just how much psychological and emotional bullying can a people take. What quality of persons are we at the end of it all. Rich, for sure! Cynical, maybe, healthy – physically and emotionally? With the high blood pressure, weight issues, kidney issues etc….remains to be seen.
When the Orange emperor made his shit hole nation comment, I had a Co-worker come apologize to me. I took that as passive aggression because no right thinking person would hold such words on any level of serious consideration. Bringing it up with me meant I was being given a friendly reminder, and from there on meting the “shitty”treatment confirmed the agenda.
While I am offloading my many observations of the rings of fire on these plantations into a book ( of course with the many ways to ford that drift), I say to my people
so sorry some of our greedy brothers had to put us all in such an embarrassing position. Hang in there, continue to be the best you have always been. We have been down this road before, this one too shall pass. We are Nigerian -Americans, forged in fire – winning is the name of our game. One love.


  1. Oyinlola

    August 27, 2019 at 12:58 am

    Excellent insight

  2. Samuel

    December 14, 2019 at 9:59 am

    Great! That is the spirit. Not all Nigerians are fraudster. We outshining them in their backyard is mostly the bone of contention. We’ll continue to do so unntill we’re completely accepted. Regina, congratulations on your daughter’s graduation.

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