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The Daily Vulnerable: Compassionate Humans



(Contributed by Kui Wamithi)

The more I proceed through this journey called life, the more I learn that people need room. They need room to grow. Room to figure themselves out. Room to flow at their own pace. Room to just be.

If we could be brutally honest, most of the time we’re all kind of winging it, when it comes to this thing called life. After all, who knows everything? Every day comes with a new discovery. That’s why there is always a 2nd edition, a version 2.0.

So, on this journey, people are making occasional stops. Stops to rectify, to add and to overhaul. No wonder some people get to their destination later than others, which is okay.

It is okay because everyone has to deal with their own ‘behind the scenes’. People have something going on in the background that might be slowing down their journey. Sometimes the problem might just be a matter of procrastination. Sometimes, it might not be that simple, because the problem remains hidden, and they need time to figure it out.

The fact that everyone is going through something on one level or another means that we should try and develop some form of compassion. Compassion for our fellow humans. God knows if we were put in their shoes, we probably wouldn’t be able to handle even half of what they are going through.

Compassion for one another is essential, whether we think that we get the person, or we don’t. Because we never know the day when we will be stuck between a rock and a hard place. When that day comes, we will need some compassion too.

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Jideonwo is a storyteller, using the research and evidence on human flourishing to inspire new narratives about politics, markets, faith, identity and society in Africa. He is a co-founder of RED, which he ran for 13 years before stepping down in December 2017. One of its companies, StateCraft Inc. handled communication for the Muhammadu Buhari campaign in 2015 and has worked in elections in Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

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