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Accelerate TV premieres Shade Corner Season 3 at an Exclusive Evening with Celebrites



It was an enticing evening of cocktails, banter and endless spice at the exclusive premiere of Shade Corner Season 3, a youthful and saucy chat show on Accelerate TV. The Shady Bunch, Access Warriors, and our favorite celebrities turned up for the launch of the new season in grand style.

The event kicked off with fun photo sessions, cleverly named cocktails and great conversations, before we were led by the MC for the night (and Accelerate’s fun-loving head of music) Oscar Okeke, to opening remarks from Head of Corporate Communications, Access Bank, Amaechi Okobi; Access’ very own Tony Stark. Then the mic was handed over to the Head of Accelerate, Colette Otusheso, who spoke about the Accelerate brand and all it has achieved in the last quarter. She also emphasized its intentions to be the hub of original online entertainment, empowerment, and education in Africa.

Colette urged everyone to gear up for an epic Accelerate experience with the third season of everyone’s favourite show; Shade Corner. As the show continues to grow from strength to strength, with more fabulous guests, and so much shade that umbrella would be jealous.

With the night in full swing, guests like Accelerate’s buddy, and celebrity chef and event caterer, Chef Fregz alongside some of Nollywood stars, like, Ade Laoye and Jimi Odukoya, were in attendance. Access Bank staff and social media influencers like show guests, Latasha Ngwube, Taymesan, Francis Sule, Anto Lecky, and other fabulous guests like Pepo, Bizzle O, Bollylomo, Mory Coco, enjoyed Accelerate TV’s original content while spending their innovative Shady bills to get cocktails, meals and more.

So as the night rolled on, we all laughed and joked while watching some episodes of our short-form content “Guess the Beat”. Guests got the chance to be the first set of people to watch 2 episodes of Shade Corner Season Three, as well as getting to interact with the Shady bunch themselves. Their reactions to the conversations in the episodes definitely let us know this season is really going to be a hit!

The night ended with an after-party which had everyone in their dancing shoes spraying their Shady bills, as DJ Markiss thrilled us, all through the night!

It is indeed shady season, so be prepared! With the first episode out now, click HERE to watch.

Subsequent episodes of Shade corner season 3 comes out every Wednesday, at 5 pm, only on Accelerate TV!!!

Make sure to subscribe to Accelerate’s YouTube channel and website to catch up on latest episodes of Shade Corner and other fun content.

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