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Incredible! Ike and Mercy win Joint HoH on #BBNaija Day 64



In Their Feelings

As with Eviction in the Big Brother Naija House, emotions of the Housemates are brought to the fore and those who are hit the most are revealed.

Sir Dee and Esther have bowed out of the Pepper Dem House and their Eviction has left Diane, Frodd and some other Housemates shocked.

In The Lonely Hour

A few moments the lady after Frodd’s heart was Evicted from the Pepper Dem House, Frodd talked about how he felt to Cindy. In their chat, he said, “I am not worthy to be here but I am a child of grace.” Even when their surprise guest Jidenna was in the House, Frodd’s spirit wasn’t lifted even though he managed to cheer up a bit. Slow tiger is now a lone tiger and we feel every bit of his pain.

1567388223 34 screenshot 2019 09 02 at 1.44.03 am

This tweep also noticed Frodd’s mood.

On Diane’s part, she was whisked into the HoH room to be promptly consoled by Khafi and Tacha who also talked about how they will miss Sir Dee. Later on, Diane reminisced about her moments with Sir Dee to Ike. How he helped her keep counts of her Bet9ja Coins and despite their up and down moments, she will miss him. Well, the game is what it is guys, no hard feelings.

Someone Else Is In Pain

It wasn’t just Diane and Frodd that were in pain, Elozonam was also on this ship.  In his chat with Mercy in the bedroom, Elozonam complained about how Diane has been giving him signs that he should keep to himself. Mercy, however, was quick to advise him to come out plainly. In her words, Elozonam should tell Diane, “Diane, I like you, I want to date you, are you in a relationship?” but Elozonam doesn’t think it was that simple as he said “right now, Diane doesn’t want to talk to me and it’s fine, she doesn’t like me as much as people think she does.”

1567388853 34 screenshot 2019 09 01 at 9.40.16 pm

We Are Both Sorry

With the Veto Power Game out of the way, Elozonam had his heart to heart chat with Diane. This was imperative considering the back and forth going on between them. They talked about how they have misunderstood each other and given each other the wrong impression. The summary of this was that Elozonam conceded and apologized to Diane for misunderstanding her. Diane also told Elozonam that she was sorry she had made him feel that everything about her is monetized.

1567388756 34 screenshot 2019 09 02 at 1.42.42 am

We don’t know what is going on but here’s what this tweep thinks.

Source: Twitter – @3lcarim, @hannahsplace3

Ike and Mercy Win Joint HoH

After a keenly contested throwing Challenge, Ike and Mercy end up choosing to share their HoH title.

Today’s Head of House Challenge saw the Pepper Dem Gang engage in a Game of throwing. One by one, each Housemate stepped forward to the stool where 22 cups of water were placed. The person with the most accurate throw, whose ball entered the cup and stayed there became the HoH for the week.

The Throw

The first Housemate to go was Mike and on a second try, he got it right. Then went Khafi who tried it before the buzzer was sounded. Like Mike, she too made it on the second try. Same with Elozonam. Venita, Mercy, Omashola and Cindy, but theirs were on a first attempt, except Frodd who whose ball jumped off the cup.

1567441399 34 screenshot 2019 09 02 at 4.23.49 pm

It’s The Second Round

The second round saw Cindy, Mike, Seyi, Venita and Khafi and Tacha eased out of the Game after failed attempts. Elozonam got it right the second time. Interestingly, the Icy pair were so lucky they each got it right at the first try. Omashola too was lucky.

The Fierce Third Round

Ike, Elozonam, Mercy and Omashola were ready for the battle. On his third attempt, Elozonam got it right. With Ike and Mercy getting it right again, we imagine how fun it would be if Biggie decided to have two winners. Sadly, Omashola eased out after three failed attempts.

1567441440 34 screenshot 2019 09 02 at 4.23.42 pm

The Failed Attempts

After a series of three more rounds, no winner emerged. The three contenders got it right, despite the removal of four cups. These guys were really determined. This made Biggie decide to remove four more cups. But after this, none of them got it right.

Biggie’s Kindness

For this round, they were allowed to move a bit closer to the table. But little did we know that this would mark Elozonam’s end of the Game. For Mercy and Ike, it was a fight to the finish, as their throws were accurate again. With Elozonam out of the race, we wonder if it’s still necessary for the Icy pair to continue. After all, a win for Ike is a win for Mercy.

1567441530 34 screenshot 2019 09 02 at 4.18.18 pm

A Joint Win

As the last (wo)man standing, Mercy and Ike were given the chance to decide who should wear the Immunity privilege. As a caring lady, Mercy told him that she was willing to let go. For this reason, Ike and Mercy were declared, for the first time, the joint Heads of House. They also got 250 Bet9ja Coins. Congratulations to the Icy pair!

With the Icy pair on the HoH throne, we wonder how this will change the dynamics of the Game.

Nominations This Week

Elozonam, Frodd, Khafi, Omashola and Venita have been Nominated for Eviction. Although Khafi escaped the initial Nominations, Seyi ended up putting her up to Save himself.

It’s been three weeks since the Pepper Dem Gang had to Nominate each other for Eviction and in a different twist, there was a switch to the old method of Nominating Housemates for Eviction. No longer did they have to compete against each other in their respective teams to decide the Housemates up for Eviction. Each one of them made their way into the Diary Room and Nominated two Housemates each.

Housemates Who They Nominated
Cindy Diane and Seyi
Diane Omashola and Venita
Elozonam Seyi and Mike
Frodd Omashola and Elozonam
Ike Venita and Khafi
Khafi Elozonam and Venita
Mercy Omashola and Venita
Mike Frodd and Seyi
Omashola Elozonam and Diane
Seyi Mercy and Frodd
Tacha Mercy and Frodd
Venita Frodd and Khafi


This Is How The Nominated Housemates Ranked

Housemate Nomination Count
Elozonam Three
Frodd Four
Omashola Three
Seyi Three
Venita Four


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Let’s Review The Votes.

The Usual Suspect

There seems to be no rest for Frodd. After being up for Eviction two weeks in a row, this week marks his third consecutive week being up for Eviction.

The Beef Inspired Nomination

All doesn’t seem well between Khafi and Venita. Although they put up a front that all is well, it doesn’t appear so and it was no surprise that they both put each other up for Eviction.

Frodd recently got into a fight with Elozonam and we wonder if that had anything to do with him putting Elozonam up for Eviction.


It’s rather strange that Seyi and Tacha put up the same Housemates (Mercy and Frodd). What could have brought about this decision? Did they see them as threats in the House? Elozonam clearly saw Mike as a threat and stated to Biggie that this was what informed his Vote.

The Gift And The Curse

The Veto Power is fast turning into a gift and a curse in the Pepper Dem House. Week after week, the Pepper Dem Gang put the Housemate with The Veto Power up for Eviction for the obvious reason that he or she can Save himself. Today was no different as a few of the Housemates kept Nominating Seyi for Eviction. Seyi didn’t repeat his last stunt where he refused to Save himself; this time, he didn’t hesitate. He Saved himself and put Khafi up for Eviction.

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