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Missing Plantain, Elozonam as HoH & Fake Nominations! Highlights from #BBNaija Day 79



Elozonam’s Sweet HoH Victory

In a game of sweets and straws, Elozonam emerges as this week’s Head of House.

With ten tables and a plate with one hundred and twenty sweets, a drinking straw and a small cup each, the Pepper Gang were Tasked to a suction Head of House battle.

1568649569 34 hm

The Sweets Scuffle

Given the freedom to walk over to the table of their choosing the Housemates had only one job – to move all the sweets on their plates to the cups next their plates using only the drinking straws provided. For this, they were required to move the sweets from the plate, by inhaling with their mouths through the straws picking the sweets up and dropping them in the cups.


Why not try this without touching the sweets with your hands at any time and if it falls off the plate simply pick it up with the straw. Sounds easy still?

1568649386 34 straw

A Winner In 120 Sweets

Elozonam redefined easy when he emerged as the winner in this challenge. While others like Diane and Ike struggled with the sweets and cups, Elozonam breezed through and hit the buzzer like a real champ. We couldn’t help but wonder if it was his love for tweets or the fight for the HoH room that led to his win but one thing we can agree is that he did it like a pro.

Of course, he left the Arena with the Head of House crown, 250 Bet9ja Coins, immunity privilege (or so he thinks) and Diane as his royal HoH room partner.

Congrats, Elozonam!

1568649435 34 elo

A Red Warning

Before leaving the Arena, the Pepper Dem Gang got a warning from Big Brother on the subject of the red VPH box they were given last night. For being careless with it last night, Biggie told them that if the box goes missing, they are guaranteed severe consequences.

1568649530 34 screenshot 2019 09 15 at 10.02.55 pm

Unknown to the Pepper Dem Gang, there’ll be no Nominations tonight which implies that the VPH and HoH privileges will be null. How will the Housemates react to this and will this affect the dynamics in the House when they find out?

The Fake Nomination Block

Here’s how the Pepper Dem Gang fake Nominated…

Starting with Ike, the Housemates went into the Diary Room to make their Nominations to Biggie. What they don’t know is that this week has all of them saved from the hands of Eviction.

In the meantime, here’s how they (fake) Nominated:

Housemates Who They Nominated
Ike Cindy and Frodd
Cindy Diane and Ike
Omashola Mercy and Diane
Diane Mike and Omashola
Mike Diane and Mercy
Tacha Cindy and Mike
Seyi Ike and Mercy
Frodd Cindy and Mercy
Mercy Frodd and Omashola
Elozonam Frodd and Tacha
1568660339 34 screenshot 2019 09 16 at 7.27.54 pm

This is how the Nominated Housemates ranked

Housemate Nomination Count
Cindy Three
Diane Three
Frodd Three
Mercy Four
1568660414 34 screenshot 2019 09 16 at 7.27.24 pm

It’s Analysis Time

Just when Frodd thought he was taking a break from being put up for Eviction, the Housemates did not fail him this time as they put his name back on the usual Nomination slab. There really seems to be no rest for him.

This week took a twist for Tacha as she escaped facing Eviction this week, well, fake Eviction. What we also found interesting is the fact that Seyi and Tacha did not Nominate themselves this time around, as opposed to their Nomination options last week. Is this a sign of reconciliation or should we just assume that these two can’t get over each other as much as they try? We’ll find out.

1568660451 34 screenshot 2019 09 16 at 7.27.46 pm

No VPH Yet

As you already know, the Ultimate Veto Power challenge lasts all through the week, in other news, we await a Veto Power Holder at the end of the week. Who else is excited to see who wields the ultimate power? We can’t!

If only the Housemates knew that this week’s Nominations amount to nothing… (lol)

The Ultimate VPH Quest

In one of the biggest twists of the Pepper Dem Season, the Veto Power Game of Chance will now last a week before a winner is decided – The Ultimate Veto Power Game of Chance.

The power that will be bestowed on the Ultimate Veto Power Holder is still a mystery, but the winner is rumoured to have power and privilege different from the usual.

Playing The Ultimate VPH Challenge

As always, the Veto Power is a Game of Chance or luck as some would call it. Rarely has skills ever played a part in the outcome of the game and this time, it is the same. In the centre of the Arena was a Red Box and locked inside the box is a picture of an object.

The challenge was to pick an exact duplicate of the picture in the locked Red Box from pictures presented to them.

Housemates will repeat the process of picking pictures all through this week until a total of 60 pictures has been handed to the House. This means a total of 60 different pictures will be handed to the Housemates – which means six for each Housemate.

1568701231 34 screenshot 2019 09 15 at 10.11.52 pm

Challenge Day One

Each Housemate stepped up to the plate and selected their pictures, right after picking numbers to decide the order in which they should go. The Housemates did show a bit of hesitation while picking pictures but there’s a long way to go. Today was definitely not the day to be scared.

1568730899 34 challenge day one

Protecting The Red Box

Reminiscent of the egg Task where the Housemates were asked to take custody of an egg and protect it, the Housemates were instructed by Biggie to watch over the Red Box. “Wherever you go as a House, the Red Box goes. Whether it is the Arena or the party room,” he said.

“If the box goes missing, there shall be severe punishment for the loss and if the lock gets broken or tampered with, again there shall be severe punishment for the responsible Housemate or Housemates,” he warned.

Trust the Housemates to flout rules as usual. Making their way into the Arena for the Head of House Challenge, it soon dawned on them that they forgot to bring to Red Box which earned them a rebuke from Biggie.

Another issue they dealt with was working out a schedule of who to keep watch over the Red Box and ensure its safety. Not only were they worried about keeping the box secured, but there was also an air of suspicion and distrust. Cindy was the first to voice it when she immediately warned Ike to keep away from the box. Let’s not forget that the Red Box contains the original picture Housemates are hoping to find the duplicate.

1568701312 34 screenshot 2019 09 15 at 10.08.18 pm

Challenge Day Two

Shortly after making their fake Nominations, the Housemates were each called to take a pick of the pictures for today. But before they did, each randomly picked a number to determine the order in which they would pick the pictures carefully laid out on the table. One by one they all made their picks with the hope that they each would be the lucky one who picked the exact duplicate of the picture in the Red Box.

While some picked for special reasons or lucky numbers, others just picked pictures pleasing to their sight.

1568731056 34 challenge day two

Challenge Day Three

Moments after they completed their Bedmate challenge, the Pepper Dem Gang were called to the lounge to make their selections. In the same process as yesterday, they picked a number card from the magic hat before proceeding to select an image. Starting from Mike who took his time to Elozonam, the Housemates opted for images of their choice.

1568749274 34 screenshot 2019 09 17 at 8.03.31 pm

This is just the third picture out of the six each Housemate is expected to pick by the end of the week. Fingers are crossed as we speculate what picture the Red Box contains and which Housemate will pick the exact duplicate.

Seyi Calls Tacha Bad Energy

A cooking session this resulted in a bout of verbal exchange between Seyi and Tacha.

It seems the end is not nigh for Seyi and Tacha beef based on their interaction in the kicthen this morning. Here is how it went down:

Kitchen Banter

We know the Pepper Dem Gang don’t joke with food. The many fights they have had were majorly because of food. So it was surprise this morning when the kitchen was overcrowded. With the way Tacha and Seyi were caught up in a grave silence as each was tending to his cooking, we saw something coming. What did not see, however, was the shape it was going to take.

1568730053 34 screenshot 2019 09 17 at 10.07.35 am

A Hot Verbal Exchange

It all started with Frodd who said that people should allow him to enjoy this week in peace. This statement enraged Tacha, who did not even let him finish before asking him to refrain from referring to her. “Frodd, if you’re going to say anything, you talk to one person…don’t include Tacha,” she warned. Omashola was there all along pretending nothing happened. When asked by Frodd why he remained silent, he said, “The pepper is too much for this kitchen.”

Seyi’s Drama

With only her amidst four men in the kitchen throwing tantrum here and there, Tacha’s only defence was her voice. While Omashola ranted on and Frodd just would not stop laughing, Seyi’s response was a provocative taunt.

In response to Tacha’s “if there is anybody who should shut up, it’s you”, Seyi went on slapping his sandals on the floor chanting repeatedly, “far away, bad energy.” If you didn’t hear what he was saying, you would have thought he was trying to kill a cockroach. “They shall not spoil my week,” the resident sugar daddy went on. As if that was not enough, Frodd joined in by going into a feigned trance, saying “amen!” As this went on, Tacha did not stop describing Seyi’s drama with such peppery words as “childish” and “mofo.”

1568730015 34 screenshot 2019 09 17 at 10.02.38 am

With the way Seyi and Tacha kept playing this Game of verbal exchange, we wonder if they are going to end it soon. Hopefully, they will bury the hatchet as the Game gets intense.

Watch the drama here.

The Veto Power Holders’ Save And Replace Moments

Check out the Pepper Dem Gang’s reactions to the Veto Power Holders’ decisions.

When we say uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, we are not only talking about the reputable Head of House title. Besides reading the scroll and giving out information to the other Housemates, the HoH title is really a fun ride. But when we talk of the Veto Power Holder position, we remember what each holder has gone through whenever he had to use the power. So far, Frodd, Seyi (twice), Khafi, Diane, Elozonam, Ike and Omashola have tasted what it feels like bearing the Veto Power badge. Let’s have a look at how they fared.

The First Heat

When Frodd became the first Housemate to win the Veto Power title, none of them could imagine it would be a difficult decision to make. On the Nomination day, he was shocked to know that he had just 20 seconds to do the Save and Replace or else he would forfeit the title. Left with no choice, he chose a flabbergasted Mercy. That decision would later spark up the animosity that existed between the two. Despite its Safe and Replace advantage, the weight of guilt that comes with it somewhat affects the relationships in the House.

The Heroism Game

When they newly came into the House, the Pepper Dem Gang were acting as if they were in a reunion. Everybody was everybody’s brother’s keeper. And Seyi was one of the founders of this reunion theory, as his friendship with almost everybody was smooth. There was much respect for him. So when he declined to use his Veto Power, we thought he wanted to be a hero. Though during the Diary session that followed, some Housemates felt that if they were in his shoes, they couldn’t have pulled a stunt as expensive as that. But, hey, Seyi wanted to prove his unconditional love for the Nominated Housemates and we got the message loud and clear. Indeed, if this was a strategy, we felt it was a well-calculated one because Seyi bounced back from the Eviction like a king afterwards.

1568742016 34 screenshot 2019 09 17 at 6.11.48 pm

No Hurt Intended

When it was her turn, Khafi couldn’t use her own Veto Power because all the Housemates were up for Eviction. Though she was excited that she didn’t have to go through the 20 seconds trauma that comes with using the Power, she still didn’t like not having the experience.  But Diane’s time came with much shock and fury. When we all expected she would Save Elozonam, her boo in the House, she chose Sir Dee and Replaced him with Joe who was dumbfounded. Though he said nothing, the resident Albert Macaulay lookalike’s earlier joy for escaping Nomination was shortlived. Of course, we all know how painful that can be.


We wouldn’t know what was on Elozonam’s mind when he made his Veto Power Save and Replace decision. But when we consider what has been going on between him and Diane, it was natural to expect he would Save her. After all, what’s a ship for? Lol. Let’s face it, not even one of the Housemates could believe Elozonam would prefer Venita to Diane in this case. Well, the matter later became hot gist for the rest of the week. But when we thought of the bond between Mercy and Elozonam, Frodd’s choice wasn’t a miss after all.

1568741950 34 screenshot 2019 09 17 at 6.16.05 pm

Ike’s Swift Move

Ike’s Veto Power moment was so dramatic we thought he had acted it prior to the time. When it was time to use his Veto Power, he chose Omashola and Replaced him with Cindy. While we understand his bond with the resident Warri boy, his choice of Cindy still remained a mystery. Perhaps, she appeared to him as a competition despite coming late into the House.

1568742057 34 screenshot 2019 09 17 at 6.13.47 pm

Eenie Meenie Miney Mo

No doubt, Seyi has learnt his lesson. Grateful for escaping the wrath of Eviction after his refusal to use his Veto Power the other day, he Saved himself and Replaced with Khafi. Little did we know that this move would later affect the hitherto thriving Seycha ship.

The Dramatic VPH

Omashola’s Save and Replace moment was the most dramatic. After his eenie meenie miney mo display – a practice he claimed to have learnt from Seyi, he Saved himself and Replaced with him. To our surprise, their relationship remains intact.

1568742096 34 screenshot 2019 09 17 at 6.09.19 pm

The Pepper Dem Gang won’t stop serving us all shades of drama. We get a large dose of it when Eviction is involved especially with their Veto Power decisions.

Living Better With Bedmate Furniture

Walking away with a set of Bedmate furniture and dinner in the sky, Seyi has won the Bedmate Task.

Completing the jigsaw puzzle in record time, Seyi has emerged winner of the Bedmate challenge. Gathered in the Arena, the Pepper Dem Housemates displayed their creativity in the challenge and the reward for this was a Bedmate set of furniture coupled with a private dinner in the sky!

From The Scroll

Head of House, Elozonam read the brief to the Housemates and here’s what it entailed:

  • Housemates were to deliver a three-minute presentation on the topic ‘Make Your Living Better’.
  • The presentation could be in the form of poetry, song, spoken word, rap or short play.
  • When the buzzer goes off, the Housemate presenting is expected to stop their presentation immediately or get disqualified.

With three hours given to prepare for the Task, the Pepper Dem Gang put on their creative hats to wow us with their presentations.

1568745612 34 screenshot 2019 09 17 at 7.16.22 pm

Let The Show Begin!

One after the other, the Housemates mounted the centre stage to give us a show, from spoken words to plays to rap, it was nothing short of an entertaining show.

Before the show began, the Housemates picked a numbered card from the magic hat. The numbers they picked represented the order in which they were to present.

Starting with Seyi and ending with Cindy, the Pepper Dem Gang all showed us how to ‘Make Your Living Better’ with Bedmate furniture. Great one guys!

1568745946 34 screenshot 2019 09 17 at 6.28.47 pm

Putting The Pieces Together

With their presentations out of the way, the Housemates were faced with another challenge – a jigsaw puzzle. The allotted time for this challenge was fifteen minutes.

Once they took their positions by the individual boxes, the Housemates got to work on putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Seyi was the first to finish his puzzle thereby clinching the mouthwatering rewards from Bedmate Furniture. Ike and Cindy finished second and third respectively but unfortunately, there was no prize for them. Maybe next time perhaps?

1568745860 34 screenshot 2019 09 17 at 6.41.33 pm

Congratulations to Seyi on this one. We hope to record more wins from the Pepper Dem Gang in the Tasks ahead.

The Missing Plantain Mystery

From missing plantains to vanishing peppers, the Pepper Dem Gang sought a solution to this problem.

In a bid to resolve the issue of missing food items from the Pepper Dem Kitchen, Elozonam called a town hall meeting in the Big Brother Naija lounge.

The Complaint

Omashola raised the issue of a bunch of plantain going missing from the Big Brother Naija Kitchen. The plantain which he was hoping to fry to accompany his rice went missing at the last minute and Omashola wasn’t going to let it slide. Tracing the journey of the plantains from when their Wager food items came into the House, Omashola was awed that a Housemate could have consumed that quantity of plantain. Frodd also had something to say as he screamed from the bedroom that thunder will fire the thief. Way to go Frodd, with the way he dished out curses, you would think something other than food was involved.

1568756399 34 screenshot 2019 09 17 at 10.38.16 pm

Let There Be A Search!

As Head of House, Elozonam will not allow this theft to go unsolved during tenure and so he called for a family meeting in the lounge. In this gathering, Cindy pointed fingers at Frodd, saying that the last time there was a case of missing plantains, he was behind it. This statement uttered by Cindy caused Frodd to nearly butt head with her as an argument promptly ensued between them.

1568756086 34 screenshot 2019 09 17 at 9.21.28 pm

Calming the situation between Frodd and Cindy, Elozonam made his voice heard and proceeded to start a search. In unison, the Housemates made their way to the locker to fish out the culprit. Unsuccessful in this part of the House, they proceeded to the bedroom and finishing off their search in the HoH room.

Interestingly, Mike and Tacha got into a verbal match during the search as Mike questioned why Tacha had a bottle of honey in her locker. In her defence, Tacha screamed that she specifically ordered for it to add to her facial scrub. Well, what can we say to that?

Message From The Spirit

After the pointless search, Ike told Mike that his spirit was telling him that Seyi was responsible for the missing plantains. He went further to say that it can’t be a lady that is responsible for this theft stating that the person has to be sleek to carry out such operation. Whatever the outcome, he and Mike concluded that Elozonam was a bonafide HoH for carrying out the elaborate search for the plantain.

1568756551 34 screenshot 2019 09 17 at 10.39.19 pm

In a House where food is not a joking matter, are you surprised that foodstuffs are developing wings?

Source: Twitter – @Baba___Alabi.

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