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10 Nigerian Halloween Costume Ideas for that Party this Weekend



It’s time to finally admit it to ourselves, much in the way we’ve owned “summer” (as if every day isn’t a rainy day here) and “thanksgiving,” Nigerians have imported halloween.

If you were alive and well in 2018, then you probably came across at least one halloween party, with people dressed in costumes and their faces painted. And it looked like fun.

This year, you’re considering attending one, or perhaps even throwing one, but because you’ve only seen people costumed as Red Riding Hood, Jack Sparrow, an American cheerleader, or just a bad black kitty, you’re discouraged, thinking it’ll be impossible to find those. We’re here to let you know that you don’t have to go that far.

Nigerian options abound, with costumes and make up you can easily find in that market at the junction of your street. So, yeah, let’s put you through them:

Daddy & Mummy G.O.

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In your heart of hearts you know that this is a look. Bury that first reaction of what?

The best part about this look is there are different ways you could pull it off. You could go the route of a colourful short-sleeved suit—think mustard or cyan—and match it with a patterned bow tie with the same colour as its dominant one. Or you could go for a simple white suit that’ll reach down to below your knees. Pair it with a red tie and pocket square and you’re good to go.

For Mummy GO, that one is a little trickier. You’ll need a satin-y fabric to sew your suit with (can you get it done before this weekend?). A feminine colour is most appropriate: pink, purple, off-white—something that can be described holy. You’ll sew a camisole, too, with the same material. And, of course, you can’t forget the hat. Nothing too extravagant: modesty is the way of the lord. Just make sure it has ruffles that you can turn to the side.

Taribo West

23 Jan 2000: Taribo West of Nigeria during the African Nations Cup 2000 game against Tunisia played in Lagos, Nigeria. The match ended 4-2 to Nigeria. Mandatory Credit: Ben Radford /Allsport

A quick visit to your neighbourhood salon and you’re fixed for this one: your hair braided (or locked) into two clumps at the front, and flowing down at the back. You colour it Nigerian-flag green and white. You pair this one with underbridge or boutique Nigerian jersey, and you’re good to go. And, best part, it’s gender neutral.

Fela & his Dancers

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Just, please guys, don’t show up in briefs.

This look is easy to pull off, too. Guys need their high-waist pants and buba with big collars and buttons (you’re not going to button all the way up, of course). You may decide to forgo the shirt altogether, but what’s a must is that chain necklace that reaches down to your navel. And the face paint, too.

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For ladies going as his dancers, there’s an added incentive: it’s a sexy halloween costume. I mean, you get the beaded hair, beaded bikini, provocative waist beads, daring make-up, and leg and arm jewellery. And you don’t have to suck belle; his dancers had tummies, too. Imagine, a costume that allows you be yourself. Highly recommended.


Two things are all you need to finish this look: the cap and the round glasses. That’s all.

We assume you already own perhaps an agbada or simply a buba and sokoto at home. You’re sorted!

Lagbaja & Ego

I think the Lagbaja costume is most suited to those guys who are attending a party where more that one of their babes will be present. The costume allows for no PDA, so even if you let them know who you are, they won’t be stepping to you anyhow. The costume screams: give me space. Making it, though, can be a bother, as you’ll need at least two yards for the mask alone, and the tailor will have to measure your face. Still, it’s worth it if you don’t want to be suddenly single by the end of the night.

For the babes showing up as Ego, you’ll be needing a few yards for that scarf, too. It takes a lot of wrapping for it to come out the way it does. But you can save fabric by going for an alter-neck top ending at your midriff. There you go.

Old Nollywood Babes & Saint Obi

Thanks to yungnollywood, old Nollywood is getting a revival. And all those fashion statements we used to overlook then, now we realise they were the alté before the alté. See this Uche Jombo look, for instance.

The striped scarf, to the patterned dress, to the striped shoes: a statement!

Or just look at Eucharia Anunobi’s eyebrows:

Or this wig

Or simply this energy

Need we go on? It’s perfect!

For Saint Obi, honestly, I’ll just leave you to make your choice.

Photo Credit: Twitter – @larabillionaire

(We recommend blonde or towel Saint Obi.)

Pretty Mike & his Babes

It’s funny, we had this list way before the Headies took place, but Pretty Mike pretty much justified his place on this list. A living legend, if we’re being honest.

To dress up as Pretty Mike, you’re going to be needing some flair. And that’s the kind of thing you either have or you don’t. Not any random person can pull s**t like that off. So, yeah.

I honestly have no idea how to even start with the directions on this one, so I’ll just share photos and have you figure it out yourself. Thanks and godbless.

Pretty Mike and the Ladies on a Leash

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Obesere & Cossy

Used this line once before but dammit it’s also true this time: Obesere was alté before alté. The man gave us sheer tops, blouses with bracelet sleeves, crop tops paired with flared pants. There’d be the jewelries, too: large rings and heavy costume necklaces. A look! And, forget the original Cossy, anyone can pull off the Cossy look. Attend with your Obesere and you’re sure a shoo in for best dressed of the night.

Denrele & Chika Lann

Would this list be complete without a Denrele costume? Think of the many iterations of Denrele you could go as. See, you could throw a Denrele-themed halloween party, even, and everyone would look different. Different wild but stunning hairstyles, high-heeled boots, jackets, tops, headgears, eyewear—the option is unending! And, of course, the Denrele look is gender neutral.

The Chika Lann look, unfortunately, is a one-look only kind: that epic hairstyle. That’s it.

Photo Credit: Facebook – Chika Lann

Nigerian Ghost

If, somehow, you find all these costumes impossible to find before the weekend, you always have the option of showing up as a Nigerian ghost. All you need is a white bedsheet or a soutane (sutana) and dusting powder. And you’re fine.

So, yeah, surely, by now, you’ve found at least one thing to show up as this weekend. Surely you already know which one suits you just fine. Whichever way, you’re welcome.

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