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Angela Okorie is Thankful after Surviving a Robbery Attack



Angela Okorie is thankful and grateful to God for surviving a near-death robbery attack.

According to the actress, she was hospitalised after being hit with several bullets.

She shared a video of her X-ray on Instagram showing some punctured areas in her head as a result of the attack.

She wrote:

Undiluted grace will never stop to exist in my home,
10 bullets was removed from my head and 2 bullets close to my eyes,
God alone deserves all the glory and honor
You are God all by your self,
I am a child of Grace
Thank you lord
Nothing in this world will ever make me ungrateful for all you’ve done in my life
And family,
The assasins kept on shooting for 30 minutes, No help from anywhere,
No human came for our rescue
Only God came for our Rescue

Sending love and light your way, Angela.


  1. Elia

    December 15, 2019 at 7:42 pm

    Thank God.

  2. by_stander

    December 16, 2019 at 2:27 pm

    10 bullets? or fragments?

    And BellaNaija didn’t provide a medical consultant’s prospective before running the story?

    anyways they say when all the Doctors leave Nigeria, we should expect stories like this.

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