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Let Ladi Okuneye & Adaora Mbelu teach you Self Mastery on “The Lumination Show” | WATCH



On this episode of Adaora Mbelu‘s “The Lumination Show,” life coach and counsellor Ladi Okuneye shares his passion for helping people understand themselves in order to achieve self-mastery.

The two talk about the Enneagram test, personality types, behavioural traits, and how all these determine the way we interact with everything and everyone around us.

Check out some highlights of their discussion:

1. We often think that the root of a lot of problems people have is communication. But it’s deeper than that. Some people don’t even know why they behave the way they behave.

2. Achieving transformational change starts with you understanding yourself.

3. People’s outward behaviour is never all that they are. We all have these instincts that we’ve built over time, and we access them depending on our need, per time.

Watch the video below:

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