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Sisi Yemmie Has Tips for Content Creation on Adaora Mbelu’s “The Lumination Show” | WATCH



In this episode of Adaora Mbelu‘s “The Lumination Show,” food and lifestyle Vlogger, Sisi Yemmie talks about how she discovered her love for creating educational and entertaining content.

Sisi Yemmie also talks about the growth of her community and channel subscribers, and what these milestones meant for her. She shares her belief in doing what you truly enjoy regardless of how the world perceives it, and the patience/resilience required to harness the potential of whatever path that you choose in life.

Here are some of her guidelines to content creation:

1. I think about what content I’m going to create, my audience, the language, and keeping the energy positive. Your audience is like a mirror, you don’t know how you act, until they tell you.

2. Every time I want to do something difficult, I try to simplify it. Life is simple, unless you’re not.

3. You need patience and resilience to harness the potential of whatever path you choose in life.

Watch the video below:

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