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Patricia Bright is Keeping it Real with her Post-Pregnancy Journey in this Vlog | Watch



Beauty and lifestyle vlogger Patricia Bright is here with her first vlog of the year and she is sharing tips on how to thrive in 2020, among other things.

Women deal with post-partum issues in different ways and for Patricia Bright, she is dealing with it in the best way possible, even with lots of sleepless nights, constantly breastfeeding the baby, stressing her husband, and also realizing that her body is going to take a lot longer to get back in shape.

Check out some of her tips for thriving in 2020:

  1. You can control what happens to you by planning in advance
  2. Create a budget that you can work with
  3. Be patient
  4. You can only gain perfection by trusting the process

Watch the video:

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