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Just Like Dodos, Here’s How You Can Stay Productive while Stuck at Home | WATCH



Wondering how you can stay productive while working from home, despite the distractions, the food and more?

Beauty and lifestyle vlogger, Dodos is just the plug you need. On this episode of her vlog, she’s sharing some very useful tips on how to stay productive while at home.

She says:

Hey Guys, I know things are tough right now with everything going on in the world and I know some of us may feel anxious so I wanted to just put out some light-hearted content on HOW TO BE PRODUCTIVE while in QUARANTINE, SOCIAL DISTANCING and ISOLATION. Here is my self-quarantine morning routine (or quarantine routine in general) as I try to stay productive even when I’m bored. I hope you guys enjoy my work from home morning routine for a healthy and productive day!

Watch and learn.

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