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Stephanie Coker is Putting her “African & Pregnant” Vlog on hold for some Coronavirus Reporting



Stephanie Coker has decided to put her “African and Pregnant” vlog on hold at the moment and face a more pressing issue (coronavirus), because that is what the world is talking about now.

On her new vlog, Stephanie takes on the role of a coronavirus reporter/detective as she goes on the streets of Lagos to report on how Lagosians are reacting to the coronavirus. She says:

Hey guys, in the wake of the global pandemic, episode 3 of African and Pregnant is now on hold 🙁

Here’s a quick vlog of what’s been happening in my area in Lagos, Nigeria in regards to #covid_19 You can call me your roving reporter lol. I went out on the streets of Lagos (putting my journalist skills to use lol) to find out what’s really happening.

Watch the video:

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