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Start your Weekend on the Right Note with some Classic Mount Zion Movies | Watch “Busy But Guilty”



Remember those classic Mount Zion movies that were an active part of your childhood? We are bringing them back for the month of May.

Mike Bamiloye‘s Mount Zion Film Productions take up a significant role in the movie industry of Nigeria and it is worth mentioning that most 80s and 90s kids grew up watching these Christian movies which also played a crucial educational role because there were such topics as consequences of sin, the difference between good and evil, the importance of good morals and so on.

Today’s movie is titled “Busy But Guilty“, written and produced by Mike Bamiloye.

The movie stars Gloria Bamiloye, Ayo Makanju, Atinuke Njokanma, Tokunbo Jarett, Israel Ore-Adewole, Yemi Adepoju, James Bamidele, Joshua Bamiloye, Abraham Tofunmi, and others.

Watch the movie below:

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