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Destiny Amaka Bravely Shares Her Experience with PCOS & Journey to Recovery



Destiny Amaka, a former Cool Fm presenter and actress, is opening up about her battle and journey with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

She was misdiagnosed and almost had an ovary removed. Birth control pills helped regulate her periods, losing weight and balancing her insulin level helped. She experienced late periods, abdominal cramps, sometimes no period, and excess body hair.

She says:

I’ve chosen to open up and be transparent with this subject as I feel it is still a taboo especially on this side of the world (Africa) as African women our cultural challenges are very different and having more people like myself share their journey and experience a lot more women will feel liberated, informed and unashamed to get help need and freedom to discuss such issues.

Watch the vlog below:

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