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Lt. Victor Agunbiade Gets a Commendation Medal for His Meritorious Service in the US Navy ??



The United States Navy has awarded a Nigerian officer, Lt. Victor Agunbiade, its medal of commendation for his meritorious service. Victor Agunbiade is a Nigerian currently serving as a U.S. Navy Reserve supply officer at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti after emigrating to southern Minnesota from Nigeria.

He was awarded the medal for judiciously managing the US Navy’s largest oversea disbursement. The US Navy said Agunbiade effectively managed its largest cash disbursing office handling $45 million (N17 billion) in a cash transaction.  

This is not the first time the Lieutenant is getting special recognition in the U.S. Navy. In 2018, he was named the Navy’s 2018 Officer Recruiter of the Year, alongside 17 others, and honoured at the annual Recruiter of the Year ceremony in Washington D.C.

The award certificate read in part:

Meritorious service while serving as disbursing officer, comptroller department, Camp Lemmonier, Djibouti from October 2019 to July 2020 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Overseas Contingency Freedom.

Demonstrating superior leadership, Lieutenant Agunbiade managed the navy’s largest cash disbursing office with $45m in cash transaction accounting for approximately 70 per cent of the navy’s overseas disbursing volume. Additionally, he maintained 100 per cent accountability of $23m across six rigorous inspections and independent audit with zero discrepancies.

By his unswerving determination, wise judgment and complete dedication to duty, Lieutenant Agunbiade reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

Agunbiade enlisted in the Navy as a storekeeper in 2008 and was commissioned as an officer in 2013. During an interview with DVIDS earlier this year, Agunbiade acknowledged his success in the Navy to the lessons he learned in Nigeria and his adopted hometown of Lake Crystal.

He said:

One key lesson in life is to treat people with respect. Always give your best in what you do—my dad taught me that.

He joined the Navy 12 years ago as an enlisted member and became a U.S. citizen a year later, “While I didn’t join for that reason, becoming a citizen has been a blessing and a bonus and I’m proud to have given back to the Navy”, he added.

He’s the first member of his family to serve in the military, he has hopes that his son will consider choosing the Navy for three distinct reasons.

First, I hope he does it so he can appreciate what the country has given our family. Second, it will teach him respect for diversity, and third, I hope he does it because this uniform has changed my life and I know it can change his for the better, too.

According to Victor Agunbiade, the best about being in the Navy “…is the travel, especially when I was on a ship. I’ve been able to visit 30 countries without paying anything out of pocket.”


  1. Moses Ola Olu Famuyiwa

    May 16, 2021 at 9:20 pm

    Congratulation Victor for this GREAT ACHIEVEMENT, keep it up. If you are in Nigeria, the cabals may have kill you because if you do not compromise with their plan of embezzlement. where 16 million dollars was give to them to buy weapons and the money was share among the military chief/thieves, if you do not join you die.

  2. Moha Ozamah

    February 19, 2022 at 11:31 am

    Excellent! Congratulations Victor. You are a great role model for the upcoming generation of Nigerians and the black race; a living testimony of the CAN DO SPiRIT! Please, keep it up Victor. Cheers!

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