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These Sultry and Swoon-Worthy Bridal Outfits from Made Pieces’ are all you need for your Big Day 👰🏾



The global pandemic has brought about a new simplicity when it comes to weddings.

This bridal edit demonstrates versatility for brides who want to be Sultry and Regal without having to wear the traditional ‘Registry midi length dress‘. 

It features sheer fabrications, hand-sewn embellishments and detailed accents in 10 pantsuits.

Made Pieces’ famous corsets are the backbone of each outfit as the silhouette of each bride is of utmost importance to them.

We Introduce to you, The Porcelain Doll by Made Pieces.

All outfits: @made.pieces
Makeup: @y_glam
Hair: @hairtingle
Photography: @dnl_lens


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