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Wuraola Ademola-Shanu: 5-Step Guide To Crafting Killer Sales Copies

Wuraola Ademola-Shanu



Do you want to craft sales copies that grab your customers’ attention and convert potential customers into buyers?  Awesome! To create a sales copy that converts, you need to ensure that your copy is clear, concise, compelling, credible and have a call to action. If you can master these, your business would be on the way to leading prospects down the sales funnel.

Take a look at these 5 C’s and I hope you implement them:


Your copy must be clear, not just to you and the team, but to your target audience and anyone who reads. Write it in such a way that it is easily understood and never misunderstood.

If you don’t know what you are talking about, you’ll end up rambling and writing a weak piece. But if you understand what you want to write about, know your target audience, and know the message you want to convey, the clarity of your writing will show.

Additionally, while writing, use small words and short sentences, paragraphs, and sections. This will make your content easier for your target audience to read and understand.


Writing a concise copy means conveying the message you want to tell your target audience in the fewest words possible. This means your copy must be void of redundancy and rambles; you shouldn’t beat around the bush or use four words when you could use a word.


If you craft a clear and concise copy that isn’t compelling, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t convert. Apart from crafting a copy that is easy to read, it must also be engaging, interesting, and informative in such a way that your readers won’t be able to put it down.

One major rule to note here is to never craft copies that focus on you or your business and its solutions. Rather, the copy should be crafted with the target audience solely in mind, since you need them to buy what you are selling. Readers are not interested in how awesome or wonderful your business, its products or services are, they are more concerned about their own problems, fears, concerns, challenges, needs, worries, interests, and desires. Therefore, let your copy focus on identifying your target audience’s pain points and how your solutions can solve their problems and make their lives better.


We live in a world where there’s a lot of skepticism. You really can’t blame buyers though, many of them have been scammed or do not know if what you are selling is worth the money they would pay for it. How do you remove this doubt when creating content? One way to achieve this is to publish tons of content. If you are suddenly selling something and do not have a social media page or website they could check to conduct due diligence, you might as well be selling to the wind. Another strategy is to publish content on popular and authoritative platforms.

Guest blogging is an amazing way to establish credibility, authority in your niche, and achieve whatever marketing goal you set for your business.

Call To Action

For every content or sales copy you craft, never forget to add a call-to-action. CTAs tell your readers what to do next after reading your content and how to do it.

Examples of CTAs include:

  • Send me a DM now
  • Download a free ebook
  • Register for the XYZ webinar
  • Book your seat now
  • Subscribe to my newsletter below
  • Get a free consultation

There you have it. Crafting sales copies or content may look difficult but it really isn’t if you follow these steps to crack the code. Which of these steps have you been using and what results have they been producing so far? If you haven’t been using any, now is the time to start implementing these tips.

To your success,




Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Wuraola Ademola-Shanu is a copywriter, content creator and content strategist who help professionals, consultants and business owners align their stories with their ideal clients, refine their sales funnels and expand their online reputations. She is also a proofreader. You can connect with her via her IG page @thecopywritingchick

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