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Endless Fortune, the Political, Historical & Inspirational Memoir by Ify Adenuga, is Here

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Ify Adenuga, the mother of successful British creatives, Skepta, JME, Julie and Jason, launched her much-anticipated memoir, “Endless Fortune” on October 15, 2020.

The memoir explores important aspects of Ify’s life and examines historical events like the Nigerian civil war, from a very personal experience. It seeks to inspire, encourage, educate, and enlighten her readers, both in Nigeria and in the diaspora.

The memoir tells the story of war, hope, death, love, pain, sacrifice, success, and new beginnings. It takes you back in time to Lagos, Nigeria, in the 1960s, the panic-filled atmosphere, reverberating chants of war songs, and the constant state of confusion. Then it transports you to the orderly, albeit hostile and crime-riddled district of Tottenham, North London, exploring the challenges migrants face, ever so thoroughly. “Endless Fortune” is a candid exploration of the life story of Ify Adenuga; her survival from a war-torn nation, her immigration, her marriage, and motherhood.

As the first book of its kind, the memoir examines the experience of the African diaspora and the complications around immigration. The book is regarded as a timely addition to the recurrent conversation around migration politics and immigration in the UK, and the world at large.

Speaking on the launch of the book, Ify says,

I am so delighted that this little project of mine is finally being released. While writing this book, there were two things I hoped to achieve, the first is to tell my children and subsequent grandchildren about my life growing up, and the second is to recognise and appreciate all diasporas, regardless of where they call home. I want them to know that survival and success are attainable, and that they are seen. My family is a huge reason this book release is possible and to them, I am eternally grateful.

Ify is an imaginative and captivating narrator who carries the reader through the highs and lows of the life of an immigrant, a parent, and, ultimately, a survivor. She is married to Joseph Senior Adenuga and is the mother of Joseph Junior (Skepta), Jamie (JME), Julie and Jason Adenuga. “Endless Fortune” is published by OWN IT! in partnership with Boy Better Know.